Re: XOOPS 2.1 Core development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/10 13:57

  • spajot

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Please consider the PostgresQL support ! Your database abstraction layer seems to be designed well enough to make this integration easy. Am I wrong ?

Lots of people need it out there


Re: XOOPS 2.1 Core development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/10 15:43

  • desubri

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i just read the whole thread and there are a lot of great idea's. Keep up the good work!

But is there already any idea when the alpha/beta version will be released, i am really looking forward to it.

Re: XOOPS 2.1 Core development Roadmap

ATM there is no timetable for an alpha / beta of 2.1. We need to identify which features that will be targeted for the 2.1 release first.

Re: XOOPS 2.1 Core development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/10 17:52

  • ibzan

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There was one small idea that came to mind after reading so much in another thread about extending the usuability of the Administration Section.

Consider the possibility of an advanced view of the modules section of the administration, mostly for purposes of site development. The ability to, in ONE step, both disable and uninstall a module. Currently you have to 1) disable it, 1) confirm it, 3) return to the modules section, 4) unistall the module, and finally 5) confirm that.

An advanced view would add another option, that is, one which would disable and uninstall, with a confirmation for safety.



Re: XOOPS 2.1 Core development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/12 7:04

  • brash

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I'd love to see the ability to have users authenticated against an NT Domain.

Re: XOOPS 2.1 Core development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/12 7:50

  • chapi

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I mentioned this already in the module thread, but maybe this is more important for the core.

Every module should be able to have more than one mainmenu entry! This is a big limitation at the moment!

I don't like submenu items

Re: XOOPS 2.1 Core development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/17 10:57

  • Herko

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This thread has been closed. I'm doing this so we can make a report, and set the devs to work. We'll keep you all updated on the progress, and on the Core Roadmap, which we'll publish as soon as possible. Thank you all very very much for your valuable and precise input. This is truly great There's still a lot more to do, so don't panic



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