Re: Mithrandir clone xoopsbrasil for consider inactive

To be honest mikhail, I really don't think you understand the nature of opensource, may be you should concider working on a project with closed source? Where people are not free to fork ideas.

Re: onokazu, where are you?
  • 2005/6/23 15:52

  • Mikhail

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I have more modules and themes and languages for xoops2 than xoops.org ( now xoops.com , commercial ) - and today the project was replaced again by Mithrandir and xoops, because Mithrandir think that is inative.

The real XOOPS is japonese. This is a commercial project that use the same name, and incompatible with my ideas about opensource.


Re: onokazu, where are you?
  • 2005/6/23 16:13

  • davidl2

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Mikhail - you are acting like a completely silly person!

So what? Xoops.com maps to Xoops.org?

The domain name has been purhcased so it doesn't get used by a porno site or something!

Xoops.org/.com/.whatever is open source
JP-Xoops is open source

Re: Mithrandir clone xoopsbrasil for consider inactive
  • 2005/6/23 16:16

  • davidl2

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Mikhail? Please stop acting like such a silly person all the time!

Xoops.com has been aquired to stop it being used for porno usage!

Do you want a casual user to go to a site with no connection to XOOPS when they are looking for the site?

It maps to .org - it is an open source site!

Re: Mithrandir clone xoopsbrasil for consider inactive

Mikhail seems to think that if there are other Brazillians working with XOOPS, they are working against him.

Mikhails project at dev.xoops.org has no files released, no tracker items, no forum posts and no news items. Therefore I consider it inactive. However, it has not much to do with me approving another Brasil translation project since they might not cover the same areas - at least it should have time to show whether one of the projects are superfluous.

We have registered http://www.xoops.com because we could - and we did not want some unrelated website hog the XOOPS name by putting up something else on http://www.xoops.com.

WF-Projects also have a .com domain, but I don't consider it a commercial project.

Mikhail has been warned repeatedly and shown no willingness to understand why or change his behaviour. For that, his account has been closed (not deleted, but inaccessible).
I am sorry that I had to resort to this kind of actions and hope that the rest of the community understands why this has been done.

I am also sorry that the community has had to put up with Mikhail's outbursts, but we had to see if the warnings had any effect before going to these kinds of measures.

Let me use this opportunity to also stress that good behaviour is for everyone here. It may seem that we have taken sides in this, but I can assure you that this is not the case. We will be monitoring the new official support sites in Brasil as much as we can to ensure that Mikhail's fears are ungrounded and that anyone can get support on any of our official support sites.

I'm so sorry that it had to come to this.
"When you can flatten entire cities at a whim, a tendency towards quiet reflection and seeing-things-from-the-other-fellow's-point-of-view is seldom necessary."

Cusix Software

Re: onokazu, where are you?

Mikhail who are you? Why you keep your crap all over the place and double post the same post in different threads? Can you stay within Brasil boundaries with yuour problems? I'm sick of reading your comments that are completely off topic.

P.S. Wish there was a feature to block some users. Have not seen any NORMAL posts lately from Mikhail only complaints about how bad Xoops.org is and how grateful he is...

My 2cents

Re: onokazu, where are you?
  • 2005/6/23 18:53

  • Herko

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Mikhail is the webmaster of the so called 21.1xx member website XOOPS Brasil, which can be found at http://www.xoops.net.br -oh wait, that is a government website... does that mean that Mikhail has gone to work for government? That is even more untrustworthy then going commercial! Mikhail is a spy for government, to see hwow they can steal all our work! And he wants to prevent the good people from finding out, so he creates a smokescreen! All your personal info is being cross-checked by his spy network and system, so he can single you out as potential targets... I'd be careful if you're going to Brasil on vacation this year!!

Mikhail's account has been suspended.


Re: onokazu, where are you?

Thanks Herko, I gues you are my "user blocking feature"
and sorry for posting here with completely unrelated stuff to onokazu.

Re: Mithrandir clone xoopsbrasil for consider inactive
  • 2005/6/23 19:16

  • MadFish

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Dear Mikhail

Please give up on this issue. You do some really great work and I appreciate it. Stick to that. Don't take this the wrong way, but most people just don't follow this Brasil issue. It's been going on for a very long time and repeatedly raising it in the forums has not gotten anything anywhere.

Just stick to the positive things you do in XOOPS...which is quite a lot. I hope you will stay with us.


if you want to talk to herko coomans
  • 2007/11/13 8:02

  • hervet

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if you want to talk to herko coomans the ex chairman, ex leader and ex ceo of XOOPS and xoopsfoundation then go to xoopsinfo.com, he seems to be refuged there.



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