Re: Xoops On Crack?
  • 2005/1/4 13:41

  • hervet

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Don't you think that there's enough forums on this site ?


Re: Xoops On Crack?
  • 2005/1/4 13:52

  • ladon

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Yup, quite enough , that’s why I said the redirectforums should be ‘sub’forums. So that would mean adding only one forum in the top category.

now after saying this I realize that subforums seem to be shown by default, this idea would only be usefull i guess if those subforums will only be displayed when the main forum has been selected. Otherwise there would indeed be way to many.

Re: Xoops On Crack?
  • 2005/1/4 14:05

  • m0nty

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what i plan to do on my site is have a few different country flags for the user to click on maybe under the header logo where the user can click on his countries or languages flag and it will direct them to that specific site..

altho there are a few support sites in Brasil so that cud be confusing lol.. i think this is gettin more off topic tho..

Re: Xoops On Crack?
  • 2005/1/4 14:11

  • Anonymous

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Herko Coomans wrote:
I think we're addressing another, fundamental issue here, one that is not directly caused by the security issues but is in the heart of the way XOOPS works.

XOOPS has local support and development communities, where great things are happening. The issue here is how can we bring what happens there and what happens here at xoops.org together? If English is a barrier for these local communities, so is Japanese, Portugese, Spanish etc. for those that speak mainly English. So Giba's comment on 'watch what goes on here as language is a barrier for us' goes in two directions. And frankly, the Google/Babelfish translations suck most of the time (Giba's post being a good example of that, it still has essential portugese words mixed in).

Ok, what I'm trying to say here people, is that we share the problem. English still is the main langaueg of the XOOPS.org project, but if possible, I would like to address these issues in a practical manner. How can we communicate changes, additions, policy and so on when language is a barrier?

Any ideas on how to tackle this?


Okay, we need a main language, and in this case it's English. But what I clearly see in the previous posts is that you was criticizing some Japanese developers for releasing fixes for themselves and not for this main site.

As I said, I know many people who tried to point bugs, but they were never taken serioysly.

There were people who quoted that there was a lot of development in Asia (modules, hacks, etc.), but their creations weren't being shared in this site too. That's what I meant by English being a barrier to them.

I don't know what idea you have about the world, maybe you think all the world talk English. At least in Brazil, the reality is totally different. All of us have English on school, but these classes are never enough to give you ability to use the language, they only teach you the basics. And I see that happenning not only in South America, but many European countries too.

In Asia, the natural culture is a barrier to them. The effort they have to do to learn English is the same you had to do to learn their languages. Starting most of their countries has different alphabets, the language structure usually has nothing to do with Englsih.

I'm not saying that they should use other languages, please don't misunderstand. Just want you to think about what many people are facing and try to be patient too...


Re: Xoops On Crack?
  • 2005/1/4 14:34

  • m0nty

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i agree yuuji :) and i'm pretty sure Herko and every1 else does too, which is y i suggested that each support site NEEDS people who can speak both languages (sometimes that's hard i know and we appreciate the time and effort people goto to learn other languages, yes we english seem to be ignorant in that respect).. translators are good, but they are limited to only certain languages, and even tho they translate words, their grammar is very often completely wrong and u sometimes need to interpret the translation aswell.. and i've never seen 1 that can translate asian/arabic characters into english or any other language.. so i think there definitely needs to be some discussion regarding liasing and linking of international support sites..

Re: Xoops On Crack?

I share the idea that the proposed solution of appointing liaisons/ambassadors will be very helpfull to prevent and solve the problems we are facing.

There are a few items that need most attention and are most crucial to the XOOPS system:

- core development
- core bugs and security issues

and a somewhat more complex one:

- module development (?)

The latter is most difficult to maintain because there are so many different modules in so many different languages. However, when for example modules are supported by the QA team it will be a lot easier to manage support and security issues throughout the different local support forums.

For all core related development, ambassadors should be able to synchronize periodically the developments in the core and regarding security issues. This envolves a lot of translation work and commitment from the ambassadors, but it will be of great importance for the XOOPS project as a whole.

I will be happy to contribute my assistance to the QA team on several items.



Re: Xoops On Crack?
  • 2005/1/4 14:49

  • Herko

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Yuji wrote:
As I said, I know many people who tried to point bugs, but they were never taken serioysly.

There were people who quoted that there was a lot of development in Asia (modules, hacks, etc.), but their creations weren't being shared in this site too. That's what I meant by English being a barrier to them.

Can you tell me where people pointed bugs out and were ignored or not taken seriously? I would like to look into this more, as I am not aware of this happening on purpose. You keep saying this, so can you please show me so we can investigate and try and improve?

As for modules being developed all over the world not being shared: this is exactly why we opened up the Module and Theme repository, and organised the dev.xoops.org and sourceforge.net projects, so everyone CAN submit their code, modules, themes, hacks etc. Obviously we'll have to add some submission instructions in other languages, so the English language is not a real barrier anymore in this case. But the files themselves aren't ignored or disrespected or rejected at all, this is just a matter of community participation.

Again, XOOPS is nothing but a group of people working together. So XOOPS cannot come to you on its own, people can come to you, but they have to be (made) aware of the source of the information (by you, the developers, designers, hackers etc.). So lets find a way to make this work for everyone.


Re: Xoops On Crack?


Yuuji wrote:
But what I clearly see in the previous posts is that you was criticizing some Japanese developers for releasing fixes for themselves and not for this main site.

What I - on the other hand - see in the previous posts is that some Japanese developers are criticizing us for not implementing security and bug fixes to issues, we did not know about.

I don't have a problem admitting that my knowledge about security is rather small - but growing.
Before this post I had never heard of GTicket or Oreteki - and I am sad that the Oreteki developers felt they had to invent a new "brand" (Oreteki) to label this branch of XOOPS, when it is something we could have in the original XOOPS...

Yes, not everyone speaks English, but I don't think it is fair, either, to criticize us for not knowing about Japanese developments.

As I said, I know many people who tried to point bugs, but they were never taken serioysly.

I would like to know which bugs those were - however, not every bug is judged as equally urgent and we do not have unlimited resources. Therefore it may seem that we are ignoring reports, when in fact they have merely been prioritised low.

On the security note, GIJOE has contacted me with a short message and I hope we can coordinate some changes in XOOPS so you will no longer have to rely on third-party module/hacks such as Protector to feel adequately secure on your XOOPS site.
More info later.

Re: Xoops On Crack?
  • 2005/1/4 15:06

  • giba

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Hi Mith and Kerko, please.

GIJOE accepted to direct the security team?

If it still did not answer, please to inform.

If already he answered, we gostariamos to know as everything was its position before the this.

On the comments made for our Yuji/FutureSpy collaborator, I have with me that they could have been been silent to speak what they had spoken.

It is good for criticizing, but to know to hear is very important also.

I do not want to cause no problem, I only want to leave clearly that it could be better and we always can improve is not same?

We go to see soon what it needs to be arranged in security terms therefore I am at this moment with 2 sites hackeados..:

- ( This subject is very serious, SECURITY.

Sorry, my sugestion is this.

Re: Xoops On Crack?

This has gotten way off topic. I don't believe that true security issues were ignored by anyone in authority. I would take offence to that if I was the target of those allegations. Enough with the politics and so called cultural issues. Source code is only source code.

There are a lot of language specific sites claiming to be representative of a particular lingo. Then you have small political battles within some countries over who is the official support site. And on it goes. Every tried to get support from a remote site only to see the same problems and sometimes much worse?

I'd hate to see this site further burdened with an even more complicated structure so that it is politically correct. That is what the language specific sites are supposed to be about. Now if users could get the help they desire in their own language it might help a great deal. Not that it doesn't happen but it clearly doesn't happen enough, so they come here. Add on top of that the never ending barrage of impatient English speaking users that refuse to take a moment to learn some basics or perhaps read the similar message that was likely asked and answered by someone else an hour earlier.

One idea is to have more RSS feeds and a handy module to view them in. xoops.org could gather remote feeds from around the planet and more importantly the remote sites would have feeds from xoops.org. Someone at the other end that *does* speak English (enough people do so that can be done) can translate important documents for their own readers as needed.

Here's another one, stricter rules on module submissions. If a coder can't keep this site updated with their versions, or won't provide an easy link to where it is, or doesn't provide some kind of user-user support at their end, then it shouldn't be listed. I know that I won't download 3rd party apps from here because I know that it is likely out of date or the link to their site doesn't get me anywhere useful.

xoops.org can't be everything to everybody. Maybe because I live in a place that more resembles a mini planet than any one place in particular I find it strange to have so many cultural issues in the virtual world beyond.



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