Re: XOOPS 2.1 Core development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/1 12:56

  • pemen

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As I said in my post :

- Admin interface object oriented with smarty template.(It's better to develop the admin interface when you develop a module) - Multilingual features - Workflow system. (Perhaps for XOOPS 2.5 or XOOPS 3.X !!!) The best way is to port Galaxia. Galaxia is a open source activity-based Workflow engine based on Openflow. This Workflow system is already implement in the tikiwiki project and Xaraya. Galaxia Tikiwiki Project The Workflow system can be used for developpment like Notification system/comment. - True CMS with versioning system like TYPO3 or EZPUBLISH CMS. I think XOOPS need a really CMS interface and functions. - LDAP authentification. - Share the user/groups database between different XOOPS Site. (On user database for different XOOPS site).

The LDAP authentification is very important for an Intranet solution.
I work in a company spécialized in LDAP project. Recently we have develop an Intranet CMS solution for a client. This Portal system is based on XOOPS 2.X and use intensively LDAP for authentification. But we have made more modifications and the LDAP is the backend for the membership (user, group, membership).
In fact, the xoops_users, xoops_groups, xoops_groups_users_link tables are not used anymore but these informations are store in the LDAP database. The rest of the tables still stay in MySQL database.
This solution is very interesting in a intranet solution, not really in a internet way.

My developpement need to be more generic and the XOOPS core team can decide what to develop in first.
My opinion is :

1 - Simple LDAP authentification (Mysql table stay)

2 - Complete LDAP integration with choice for the XOOPS admin (membership in MySQL database or LDAP databases)
This job need to be well-thinking because the solution must work with all LDAP possible configuration.
Need to define a généric LDAP schema to work with different
server (OpenLDAP, Netscape, ...)
NOTE : LDAP can't be a complete backend for XOOPS.

If you're interesting I'm ready to share my jobs with the core team.

Re: XOOPS 2.1 Core development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/1 13:36

  • Anonymous

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Some features I wish were already requested for a lot of ppl twice, thrice or more... so I won't repeat them

I think would be interesting to have the option to choose if images are gonna be stored as file or BLOB data (that includes any images, like avantars). At least for me sounds easier to backup them by just doing a db dump if it's BLOB...

Re: XOOPS 2.1 Core development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/1 14:11

  • Daigoro

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Multilanguality seems to be one of the most important things to put in the core as soon as possible. The longer it's postponed, the harder it will be to do correct - without breaking alot of things.

To make it possible to search and sort contens from all supported languages, requires intimate knowledge of many writing systems, as some will write all or part of their contens "backwards".

A propper sort-algorithm will also have to though up, in order to sort latin and non-latin leters correctly. (It's allready a problem with the memberlist, if one uses multi-byte chars)

Best regards,

Also to enable easy multi-language support, all graphical elements containing text should be removed, and replaced by text or symbols.

Re: XOOPS 2.1 Core development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/1 14:59

  • Rou4cn

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I wish XOOPS may be faster and faster.

Learning from Discuz!(http://www.discuz.net/viewthread.php?tid=21660&fpage=1), put more thing into cache or session, let the db query less and faster.

The Discuz! is the fastest PHP BBS within China. the Discuz! 2.0 is free to use. Maybe you may install and analysis it as well.

The download link is
for GB2312: http://download.discuz.net/2.0/gb2312.rar
for Big5: http://download.discuz.net/2.0/big5.rar
each has the English lang in pack.

for your info.

Re: XOOPS 2.1 Core development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/1 16:31

  • WismeriL

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Here's my ideas :

- Give the admin an easy way to add new field to the user database. For example if you're running a site for an association, you can add field for the position of the user within the association or other personnal information.
Also secure the userinfo displaying. Right now, you have to hack the userinfo.php to resctric the access to registered users or a special group.

- I think XOOPS really need a core image gallery wich is not a hack of another gallery program.

- an official module/theme directory where all the modules/themes are referenced and downloadable.

That's it so far.
Xoops is great! keep up the excellent work!


Re: XOOPS 2.1 Core development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/1 17:46

  • meme

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how about give blocks more control :
you can view the same block in right block in the module news and the center right block in other modules like newbb

about users and register why you dont allow spreate user name
like mr meme not mrmeme or mr_meme

hope that good for xoops

Re: XOOPS 2.1 Core development Roadmap

Here's a half baked idea that folks can think about and improve upon.

What if we didn't have leftcolumn, rightcolumn, centerleft, centerright, centercenter, and centercolumn? What if we didn't think of things in a table column vocabulary?

In moving away from the vocabulary, we could move to DIV with CSS positioning.

The truth is, currently the only thing that makes something go in the leftcolumn when you reach that call in the theme is that you put it there in the theme. As far as the XOOPS core is concerned, it could be on the right, in the middle, top, bottom, anywhere. In reality it is just a label.

What if we called them something else, like "positions" or "place"? Place1, Place2, Place3, etc. You would assign a block to a place by weight and style (or other mechanism if easier). The theme wouldn't care, it would just be a bunch of labeled <DIV> tags. (example <div id=place1>)

This would give theme developers the flexibility they sometimes request when they run into the wall of being forced to choose between having centerleft and centerright blocks appear above the center blocks or below the center blocks, but not both.

Then, all position could be controlled in the CSS.

This idea may need some work... it can definitely wait until Xoops4.

Re: XOOPS 2.1 Core development Roadmap


malexandria wrote:
I'm trying not to get annoyed here, but modules ARE a very important part of The Core, and as such, the community should way in on what they'd like to see in the core modules. Otherwise stripping the modules out of XOOPS will totally ruin the system and make it no different than PN or PHPNuke, and one thing that XOOPS has always been good about is including a good number of quality modules out of the box.

As Draven hinted (but didn't say explicitly) is that until now, what has been perceived as "the core" is the system module + news + newbb + some more - since that was what came in the XOOPS download. From XOOPS 2.1.0 and forward, "the core" will ONLY be the system module, on which all the other modules are based. The modules, previously in "the core", will be the responsibility of the XOOPS Module Development Team and not the XOOPS Core Development Team.

So what is needed here is discussing the needs in the core, which can be used in MANY modules to enhance the CMS as a whole.
Of course in a content management system, the content is an important thing, but the core should only MANAGE the content - not actually present it, which is what we have the modules for.

Let's take the Module needs in a thread for "XOOPS 2.1 Module Development Roadmap"

Re: XOOPS 2.1 Core development Roadmap
  • 2003/11/2 12:04

  • MadFish

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Things I would like to see in a future version of XOOPs:

* Topic-centric organization of content. I think this is already mentioned somewhere - I would really like to see it pursued. It would be nice to be able to tie all the news articles, downloads, links and whatever else together under a common topic, a bit like myPHPNuke.

* Would it be possible to allow blocks to be arranged by topics (for example to be able to create a 'blank' module for each topic) ? That would go a long way to allowing sites to be customised for multiple sections / departments / programmes etc.

* Language. I would like to be able to tag content by language, and then allow visitors to either contribute or filter the site content by the language of their choice. That would enable me to support multiple language-based sub-communities.

This would enable greater participation by people who don't speak my organizations 'official' language, and offer opportunities for muli-lingual people to engage with others who perhaps are not.

* Documentation. Just wanted to say I also see this as an important issue. Perhaps some kind of semi-organized 'community documentation drive' might help motivate people to contribute to the Wiki ? Documentation is something that should probably fall on the shoulders of the whole community, not just the developers.

Re: XOOPS 2.1 Core development Roadmap

I would like to add the suggestion to make it possible for users to be notified by e-mail as well if they choose this option in the forums or other places where it is possible to receive notifications on follow-ups.


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