Re: Mx-directory - input welcome
  • 2005/11/1 22:32

  • zeroram

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simple.. if you are getting error with it. mean MX directory is not compatible with XOOPS 2.2

you should only use it with XOOPS 2.0.13

Re: Mx-directory - input welcome
  • 2005/11/2 0:40

  • jfmoore

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zeroram wrote:
simple.. if you are getting error with it. mean MX directory is not compatible with XOOPS 2.2

you should only use it with XOOPS 2.0.13

Not true at all. I'm running it on 2.2 with no problems so far. Not live, yet. Still setting it up. No major problems so far, though. You have to tweak it a little at first, but then it seems OK.

Here's the answer (URL shortened):

Good luck!


Re: Mx-directory - input welcome

In my opinion this line 4 should not be in the language file. Try moving it to a new line in header.php (in the mxdirectory folder) and upload both files again.

In addition to that, usually the variables used in the language files are defined in the file calling the language item.

For example, in the language file you can have a line like:
define("_MD_THEREARE","There are %s Links in our Database");

In case of not using a template file, in the file calling the language item you can put:

Or in case you wish to assign the language item to a template you use:

Re: Mx-directory - input welcome
  • 2005/12/12 12:28

  • bjbtexas

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Any Updates? The XOOPS Dev site has no files now only broken links

Re: Mx-directory - input welcome
  • 2005/12/12 16:02

  • jlm69

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Tripmon was supposed to release a new version but so far didn't, not sure what is going on. But I have put up his mx-directory beta 2 for download on my site until the dev site gets the module back.

MX-directory beta 2 can be found here

This is the same as Tripmon released so there are still problems with it but if you read the forums for mx-directory then you will find the fixes.

Hope this helps some of you.


Re: Mx-directory - input welcome
  • 2005/12/12 17:44

  • jfmoore

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I don't know about the rest of you, but I think it's time that Tripmon chimed in with status and plans. He has been conspicuously absent of late, and the time when he said an update would be available has passed without comment.

I understand and appreciate that Tripmon has offered his work for free. He even declined to accept donations, saying to donate to XOOPS instead. Even so, a developer has a responsibility to communicate to the community regarding the module and his plans. No one would begrudge someone who is working for nothing more time. We just need to know what that time is expected to be, and, when it looks like he needs even more, he should say so. Or, should he decide not to continue with the development, we need to know that, also, so that we can make our own plans to try to get it developed some other way or, if necessary, to just move on.

As far as I am concerned, I have been waiting for 2 years for a decent directory. All of a sudden, it looked as if we were going to have two--eq-Directory(?) by Wtravel, and mx-Directory by Tripmon. Our cups appeared to be about to run over. Many, including me, breathed a collective sigh of relief. A directory would be forthcoming at last! Indeed, Tripmon must have broken all records with what he accomplished in the time that he accomplished it! Now, however, eq-Directory is doubtful, and mx-Directory looks questionable as well. It appears that we are going to have to greet yet another year with no stable directory module, and I am worried that this may not happen at all.

Certainly, no developer owes me or others in the community who have been waiting so long for a directory module anything at all, except, maybe, a little communication. I don't think that's too much to ask, but if I'm all wet on this, someone please let me know. (But gently, please.)

So, how about it, Tripmon? How about chiming in with a little info, or at least to give us a chance to thank you for what you've already done. We'll try not to press you too hard for an update. Honest!


Re: Mx-directory - input welcome

I cannot speak for Tripmon, but my time is very limited untill the summer of 2006. I will try to get something published for EFQ directory before the summer though. Not making any promises, there are many things that have a bigger priority for me.

You can view the progress using this link.

Re: Mx-directory - input welcome
  • 2005/12/14 6:57

  • whowhowho

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I install Mx-Directory Beta 2 on XOOPS 2.2.2.
I have 2 problem...

I can not add coupon? On the admin back end I can see the coupon expired, future coupon expire.

On the frontend I can not see the option to add coupon.
Only when I give registered user admin permission will the add coupons option appear....
but this give the user to back end admin permission.
Any suggestion...

Recent Coupon Listings do not show any listing. I post 3 coupon and the mod it is empty...

Re: Mx-directory - input welcome
  • 2005/12/19 20:02

  • tripmon

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Tiptoes in while no one is looking...

I really dropped the ball on those dates didn't I.

That's twice I've forgotten to post up here when my situation has been altered by external forces.

Sorry. (hangs head and extends bottom lip)

My donkey in a sling.
Had some reality overrides encroach upon my timeline.

Once I get this #OOPS# time machine working, I'll be back.

Ck'd out all of the posts, thanks, and will include the relevant. Props to JLM69... helping where a man can.

Happy [insert politically correct holiday for your religion, nationality, what have you],

More from me in early Jan.

Insert data from textfile into table
  • 2006/1/10 23:42

  • FAO_Day

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Insert data from textfile into table.

Using this command in PHPMyAdmin for MxDirectory inserts the data, but the listings do not appear on the site(are not visible) The listings all had to be approved via the admin interface, but still are not visible on the site, although they are visible when browsing the table in PHPMyAdmin. Does this function not work in MxDirectory? Oh, the site shows the correct number of listings and the listings are even in their correct category, just not visible. Any ideas?


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