Re: Bye everyone
  • 2007/10/2 1:28

  • tom

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Thanks wtravel for the translation much appreciated, not spoke in a while I hope all is well with you.

Hi katim110,

You didn't humiliate XOOPS, or bring it down in anyway, sometimes people fear criticism and see it as an attack, this is not your fault it is theirs.

You didn't even need to explain yourself, but thank you for doing so anyway.

As the wise kc0maz said, XOOPS is not the perfect tool for every situation, and no matter what is done it probably never will be, however for those solutions it offers and fits, XOOPS exceeds itself.

Anyway I wouldn't worry Katim, just people being a little over sensitive.

I've toyed with many CMS's, the major thing that deters me from Joomla is the lack of core grouping features for members, plus not all the sites we maintain are run by us, so it could be confusing the those web masters whom struggle to even turn the computer on.

I've been loving WordPress recently, and even made some small minor theme code releases for the MU version which is wicked.

Good luck with what you do Katim. Godspeed.

Hi goatboy,

it takes a big person to own up to their mistakes, no apology was needed, you pre-empted this situation.

I too tire of the bickering, but sometimes that's what it takes to make people listen, not everyone always agrees with the method though.

Hi DavidFarr,

Buggy modules are not really the concern of the core, although I feel more could be done to help developers and show end users the compatibility as is done with WP, Joomla and many other great CMS's out there, all it takes is a little image to show if it's stable, rc, alpha, etc, if it works with 2.0 or 2.2, etc.

If you feel you may now of made the wrong choice, then I'd be inclined to agree with you, in that the choice you made wrong was not testing and comparing all favourable systems extensively before launching a production website, otherwise you wouldn't be doubting your original decision.

Despite my few gripes with XOOPS I still love it, we run many sites with XOOPS, some with over 10,000 members, we also run wp sites and some commercial scripted sites as no CMS had to offer what we were looking for at the time.

Re: Bye everyone
  • 2007/10/12 17:49

  • DavidFarr

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Sorry for the delay in coming back and thanks for your replies, looks like a "maybe" from kc0maz and I'm not sure what Tom meant by "If you feel you may now of made the wrong choice, then I'd be inclined to agree with you" then giving me good reason to stick with it.

I "toyed" with Mambo some time back and recently had a stab at Joomla. I really don't have time to extensively test all possible options, as it's only a small part of my life - my late night pizza and coffee pot days are long gone.

I chose XOOPS because it looked straightforward and I easily got a grasp of the basic architecture. I have no real gripe with the core, it seems stable and fairly secure, (I'm not storing data of any great worldly import so this was not a major issue). I wanted to be up and running fairly quickly.

What I was looking to deploy were :-
1.) An events calendar (settled on ExtCal)
2.) A simple report writer (now News)
3.) A Forum (now ForumEx)
4.) A photo album (now MyAlbum-P)

My overall experience has been really positive, although I've done a fair amount of hacking to standardise things like "Submit/Go/Save/Send etc." but the language structure makes this fairly easy. I also find that there are often too many options for my fairly non-technical users, but better than too few.

The concern I have is the third-party - the core development seems to be moving apace, but the Module repository is looking a little dusty and there are a lot of dead links in the comments and forums.

Anyway, having spent more time writing a user guide for my non-technical administrators than I did building the site, we are ready to launch. - Maybe the first of many

Re: Bye Xoops Hello Joomla
  • 2011/7/26 21:13

  • katim110

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it has been four years since I've left Xoops for Joomla. (yes, im stille alive :)

Right now Im still using Joomla and Iam happy with it. But to be honestly, I miss xoops very much :(

Thanks again everybody.

Re: Bye Xoops Hello Joomla
  • 2011/7/27 0:47

  • Mamba

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But to be honestly, I miss xoops very much

Well, the door is always open here for you - just stop by more often! We can always benefit from your know-how gathered at Joomla!
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Re: Bye Xoops Hello Joomla

The only problem I have noticed with Joomla is the lack of exploits that exist in XOOPS are replaced in Joomla. Just the other day, my mate who works at an ISP, was debugging a website and someone had broken into the server using a calendar extension for Joomla, and had done some really debortch stuff to the server.

XOOPS has changed in the recent years you have been working in it, but If you understand Joomla I need someone to clone my modules for Joomla including Jortify a combination of xortify and protector for Joomla so people are no so exploited.

I always get people making attempt and autohacking bots that exploit Joomla which has no protector, no condom against infected mal-users.

So if your interested in getting involved in a digitial co-op for open source and known joomla well enough to clone XOOPS Modules over to it, get in touch.
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Re: Bye Xoops Hello Joomla
  • 2012/9/29 11:08

  • katim110

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wishcraft, Unfortunately I have not much time. sorry.

Re: Bye Xoops Hello Joomla
  • 2012/9/29 13:11

  • xoobaru

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Maybe the veteran developers/coders/CMS pros might have an advantage in Joomla, but then again these would have equal advantage in XOOPS world too. But in my experience a noob just starting out in Joomla is at a significant security disadvantage than a noob just starting out in XOOPS. I concur with Wishcraft. See you on he rebound.


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