Re: Predator Joined Mambo!

I think a lot of people overstate the similarities between Mambo and XOOPS. They are really quite different. We have used both systems on different projects with the same client. They each have their place. It is silly to think that if developers move from one system to the other, or vice versa, then that signifies something about the relative value or worth of either system.

So long as both systems continue to have capable developers driving them forward, everyone should just calm down.

Personally, I hope XOOPS moves in a direction that exploits what makes it unique, for instance the ability to manage multiple groups of users. Mambo has no group permission structure. It makes sense for a system to develop its strengths, rather than try to be a jack of all trades. Perhaps the fact that these developers have chosen to work on another system is partly a sign that the best features of XOOPS are in fact not the features that matter most to them. C'est la vie.


Re: Predator Joined Mambo!


jegelstaff wrote:
I think a lot of people overstate the similarities between Mambo and XOOPS. They are really quite different.

Because I deeply use both systems, I can say - they are slightly different from user side... And full group-management will appear in Mambo 5, and it will appear (according to detailed and published roadmap) before XoopSphere...

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!
  • 2005/5/7 21:39

  • Bender

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Herko Coomans wrote:
Why is it that something has to be wrong when someone leaves? It has been his own choice, as it has been with Catzwolf and the japanese support team. And it's natural to go somewhere else if you don't fully agree with where it is going. Mambo has lost it's share of core developers, as have many other projects. We have 30.000 members (as of today), people coming and going all the time. Nobody is forced to leave, but that doesn't mean we have to agree with everyone all the time, right?

This is all a storm in a glass of water...


Herko damnit! Open your eyes please

- this is not just someone leaving. XOOPS is continously loosing developers who were respected in XOOPS because of their work

- most have the same reason for leaving

- but Mambo is currently attracting developers instead of loosing them

- "nobody is forced to leave" yes thats true but at somepoint one has to ask why it happens if it is more than just one or two.

You yourself know more about the backgrounds why they leave than many of ous out here including me. So don´t pretend nothing is going on.

I just became aware today of the fact that at least one (likely two) more well known developers will quit Xoops. However that was yet only posted on a private forum so i will respect that and wait for them to announce it themselves.

So please don´t disregard this issue as a storm in a waterglas. It would be a serious error in judgement.

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!
  • 2005/5/7 21:59

  • alitan

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If we can create a team to search in other CMS and find others' good features, and if we can monitor the good ones to the XOOPS core and mod dev, XOOPS will become the strongest Content Management System (as it is now in my oppinion but not everyone's) in only a short amount of time!
Lets work on the future XOOPS and lets release the Xoopsphare sooner than expected. ( I think Xoopspher should have been releaed in summer 2004 , but i'm not sure what happened!)

Xoops needs more developers! Perhaps my idea of Spread.xoops.org (Spread XOOPS Projects) might work!

Too much talk and off topic!
I apologize!

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!
  • 2005/5/7 22:07

  • Lance_

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So anyone around here still believe in working for the same company for 25 years.

It is a good thing to change, that's how you get out of a rutt.

I see absolutely nothing negative with the leaving of some core developpers, as long as another group is formed that works well together.


I'll keep cracking at my PHP books, and maybe in a few years, I'll be able to help out.

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!
  • 2005/5/7 22:41

  • siweb

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phppp wrote:
plz, neither Catzwolf nor Predator was WILLING to leave.
No matter what was behind, respect them.
Some unrespectful comments could also hurt some present developers, like me.
I appologize, if my post sounds disrespectfull to developers. It was not deliberately. I admire not just their but also others work. I was very shocked when they wrote on other forum, that they have left XOOPS Community. When Predator wrote about lack of time, I remembered his signuture and understand his decison. Well I'm nosy ... I used their words ... It shouldn't sounded disrespectfull.

I agree with all your True/Flase statement, Bender, I played dirty just to get an answer from them or somebody who knew. Shame on me.

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!
  • 2005/5/7 22:51

  • Peekay

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I think this is an issue for the QA team really.

IMHO every module on Xoops.org should have a 'live' owner. If the dev leaves, or no support is available, the module should be transferred to an 'Unsupported Downloads' section until it is 'picked up' by another dev who has the time and enthusiasm to extend and support it.

The concept of open-source software is that the devs write the module for free and the users test it (often at their peril) and help the dev isolate and fix bugs for free.

It takes two to tango.

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!

I think that is a very good point Peekay. If that was the case it would keep alot of old, modules broken with newer XOOPS version out of harms way until it is picked up for further development.

I like that idea alot.

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!


Lance_ wrote:
So anyone around here still believe in working for the same company for 25 years.

Yes, my parents... not me... I change work (and work-areas) in 4 years timeframe. But most of discussed here devs left XOOPS sooner, very fast!!!

as long as another group is formed that works well together.

As group formed - point one
They work not for "well work", but for live project, really life, not only in eyes of some devs - point two

Re: Predator Joined Mambo!

Can we give this a rest? Why are we analyzing imaginary reasons why someone has left? It means that someone left.

Meanwhile there are questions going unanswered (don't need devs for that). And code not being written.

I'd be more concerned with Users that leave xoops. Too much of this nonsense and that is what will happen. Then it won't matter who is a dev and who is a self appointed politician.

However, this is the kind of crap that caused me to leave a community site (not running xoops) and start my own site (on xoops).


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