Re: How did you hear about xoops?
  • 2007/3/12 10:13

  • Herko

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MadFish wrote:
Herko...and after all that trouble I went to not to name that other CMS :)

The impact phpnuke had on the spread of open source cms users -and on development of branches such as xoops, is undenyable. That shouldn't be hidden. It's like evolution, you don't skip mentioning the homo erectus because it was a buggy model

Fransisco Burzi's claim that to remove any credits in the footer would mean he'd come after you and sue your ass put off a lot of people tho


Re: How did you hear about xoops?

i'm hoping to hear more stories from some of the newer users on this site.
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Re: How did you hear about xoops?
  • 2007/3/14 15:11

  • Lance_

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My joined date tells the tale of my conversion.

Was originally using a ASP based forum for my gaming clan. Then wanted to add some functionality, so started looking for a CMS. Well, let's just say that ASP is scarce in CMSs and those that existed cost $$, so decided to look at the open source in PHP.

My search included php-nuke, mambo, postnuke. Well never got php-nuke installed, always errors, the others didn't impress me.

XOOPS installed itself and was a joy to start working on. Never looked back.
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Re: How did you hear about xoops?
  • 2007/3/14 17:55

  • pacho

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It was more than 2 years ago. I was starting to use php and I was looking for some solution to create a website easily. So I found CMS. I like to search in sourceforge projects, so I searched for "cms php" and voilà, there wasn't any doubt what must I use, XOOPS of course, but before that I use to look for in forums about what others say. There I knew where XOOPS come from and understand why not to use mambo.

Re: How did you hear about xoops?
  • 2007/3/14 18:06

  • Sophie2

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I heard from a friend.

Re: How did you hear about xoops?
  • 2007/3/14 22:35

  • nekro

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My boss ask me to do a very little module... now... i am a fanatic... and i have my own full hacked XOOPS version :P

Re: How did you hear about xoops?

About 5-6 years ago built a home page with html... then used Bills software to expand and realized it's going nowhere with management... so went to PhpNuke but as Herko said that threat to remove proprietary notes and constant security bugs forced to look elsewhere. Tried many other CMS's and looked at not only how it looks but on how much of control you have and came to Xoops. And it's been like that for over 2 years now. I like xoopsing.


Re: How did you hear about xoops?

About 18 months or mre ago I wanted to build my own website. I fouhd a cheap host and they had c-panel - all those choices! So i did a bit of trial and error and research and ended up using c-panel to install xoops. Then came here and got help to fix up my problems getting started...and then learned more. I thank the heavens above for module and theme writers! My experience up until that point was front page - so I had a very steep learning curve.

Re: How did you hear about xoops?
  • 2007/3/15 14:12

  • frankblack

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A few years ago I had to look for a CMS that we could use for a website so finally we got to backend, which was ugly, but multi-lingual!!!!

My first contact to XOOPS was one of the early 1.3-versions which felt and looked similar to other nukes so I skipped it, because for me - not knowing anything about PHP - it was to difficult to change the look.

Accidently I was re-visiting XOOPS when the first 2.x-versions were out and I really liked the concept of smarty, so I stayed with XOOPS til now.

I never tried any other CMS, because I felt that XOOPS was my CMS!

Re: How did you hear about xoops?
  • 2007/3/19 4:45

  • johnnychoi

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I've done several Joomla site before, but the SEO part seems not so good. I google over the web and just find another CMS called XOOPS.

I think I may have a try on it, XOOPS seems quite nice! =]*


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