Re: Documentation site now open
  • 2007/4/21 21:22

  • snow77

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I just read the note in sourceforge.
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the backup!

Re: Documentation site now open
  • 2007/4/22 6:13

  • rowdie

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Giba, the easiest is to install the original DokuWiki:

DokuWiki doesn't use a database, you can just drop the backup files into the appropriate folders.

The XOOPS module I used is difficult to install/maintain, that's partially why it isn't back online. I doubt it would be much use to you.


Re: Documentation site now open

Thanks for posting them anyway Rowd - I have downloaded them - maybe one day I will work out how to access it.

Re: Documentation site now open
  • 2007/4/22 8:31

  • Bender

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Dokuwiki install

- download and extract dokuwiki
(still running xampp?)
Put the files into a subfolder as usual under htdocs e.g. dokuwiki
- install dokuwiki localhost/dokuwiki/install.php

Data insertion

- extract the download you need (e.g. the english one)
- copy the extracted data folders from rowd into .../htdocs/dokuwiki/data (e.g. media-en; pages-en)
- delete or rename the original dokuwiki folders media & pages
- rename media-en into media and pages-en into pages
- run dokuwiki http://localhost/dokuwiki

Now of course this is quick and dirty and depending on what you want to do with the data.

If you want to recreate the original multilange version you will need the local.conf from rowd since i could not figure out with a quick look how to install a multilanguage version. Which according to the forum is not so simple.
Sorry, this signature is experiencing technical difficulties. We will return you to the sheduled signature as soon as possible ...

Re: Documentation site now open
  • 2007/4/22 9:35

  • rowdie

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Thanks Bender, I didn't realise I'd changed the folder names I made those archives a while ago.

The multilanguage part is more than just a new config file, I hacked the original DokuWiki files to do it. It was a lot of work keeping the docs site version updated whenever the original DokuWiki had a new release, wish it was as simple as just making changes to the config...

Re: Documentation site now open
  • 2007/4/22 12:36

  • giba

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Ok, realy, is possible.

The Winds of the change had come back

Thanks in public for Rowd. Let?s go a Rebulding...

Re: Documentation site now open
  • 2007/4/22 15:02

  • riosoft

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Giba I want to thank you all your good intentions with the community. your positivism and good mood always. Thank you very much.


Re: Documentation site now open
  • 2007/4/24 17:04

  • giba

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Before more nothing, as always, I come to ask for excuses for my very bad English.
I am using a translator, but a text in my native language exists so that it can be used to translate my text and not to happen another error of interpretation, as unhappyly already it occurred here.

Some collaborators already are knowing here that we are carrying through a new attempt to generate a material of excellent quality for the community through a Wiki.

Our initial idea always was to use wikimod because we poderiamos to duplicate the content in other places and thus to prevent that material so excellent it comes to be lost.

In such a way, I am speaking on behalf of Jen, Mark and Carnuke to invite the collaborators who will be interested in participating of this great enterprise.

Soon more wiki official for XOOPS will have to exist one and all this content could be moved for it.

This is the form that we find to help and to make more popular ours XOOPS with documentation, tips, tricks, spreading of valorosos members of our community, documentation development technique, glossary and much more.

It is very important that this material is multingual and for this collaborators of all linguas will be very welcome.

- English (default)
- French
- Spanish
- Germany
- Russian
- Japan
- etc… etc… etc…

Its participation is very important.

It remembers, the proposal is to carry through the work and backups of data base to be distribuidos to the official supports of XOOPS and also to the official site of documentation, either which will be.

Thanks all

Antes de mais nada, como sempre, venho pedir desculpas pelo meu inglês muito ruim.

Estou usando um tradutor, mas existe um texto em minha linguagem nativa para que possa ser usado para traduzir o meu texto e n?o acontecer outro erro de interpreta??o, como infelizmente já ocorreu aqui.

Alguns colaboradores aqui já est?o sabendo que estamos realizando uma nova tentativa para gerar um material de ótima qualidade para a comunidade através de um Wiki.

A nossa idéia inicial sempre foi de usar o wikimod porque poderiamos duplicar o conteúdo em outros locais e assim evitar que material t?o relevante venha a ser perdido.

Desta forma, estou falando em nome de Mark e Carnuke para convidar os colaboradores que estiverem interessados em participar deste grande empreendimento.

Logo mais deverá existir um wiki oficial para o XOOPS e todo este conteúdo poderá ser movido para ele. Esta é a forma que encontramos para ajudar e fazer o nosso XOOPS mais popular com documenta??o, dicas, truques, divulga??o de membros valorosos de nossa comunidade, documenta??o técnica de desenvolvimento, glossário e muito mais.

? muito importante que este material seja multingual e por isto colaboradores de todas as linguas ser?o muito bem-vindos.

- English (default)
- French
- Spanish
- Germany
- Russian
- Japan
- etc... etc... etc...

A sua participa??o é muito importante. Lembre-se, a proposta é realizar o trabalho e os backups de banco de dados serem distribuidos aos suportes oficiais de XOOPS e também ao site oficial de documenta??o, seja ele qual for.

Obrigado a todos.


Re: Documentation site now open
  • 2007/4/24 17:51

  • snow77

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I have a few things to say so I'll divide it into parts. (please read Giba's previous post on page 2 first)

Part 1

I think this is the moment I should talk about the projections I have/had in mind to keep things clear and open to everyone.

After having spent many months with the docs at xoopsdocs lost, I got very disappointed, since one of the reasons of the building of the demo site is to leave a platform ready to test modules and create a standard documentation of modules. So in January I started making plans of reconstructing a wiki workspace and took the decision to register www.xoopswiki.org

Objective of the site is:

- Be a XOOPS only documentation center with a workspace for building documentation through a wiki.
- Have the site open to the international XOOPS community maintaining it as multilanguage possible.

The need to have this grew seeing the needs of the community and that the wiki that once existed is much missed.

Part 2

Today I am shown by Giba the work being done at helpxoops.info with their wiki, it is not a site I frequent much and did not know there was a process started there. I don't know their goal with this wiki either. Giba invited me to helpxoops.info to talk about this but I think the place to discuss things that concern XOOPS should be here at xoops.org.

My intentions are not to create competition in between wiki's, it started as a personal project many months ago and something I want to give to XOOPS to reactivate documentation and working teams.

Part 3
So there are two wikis now, one at helpxoops.info and the other one still being built at xoopswiki.org.

As to not create fragmentation and duplication of work. How can these 2 wikis complement each other? Are there reasons for me to continue working on xoopswiki.org?

Personally I'd like to continue with it because it's focused as a XOOPS only center that reunites and creates documentation in most languages possible for xoops. Yet if this will produce fragmentation and duplication of an existing project I will desist and erase the site. My least intentions are to create conflict. I just want to know how we can focus all our working energies in one place.

Re: Documentation site now open
  • 2007/4/24 18:16

  • davidl2

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Not so long ago, people where complaining about lack of support for Xoops.. now we're in the process of having more then ever before... this certainly is a good thing indeed!

Helpxoops has been doing some very nice work ... perhaps certain areas they cover aren't really of immediate interest to a XOOPS purest to myself, it's still interesting seeing them never-the-less ..

However, for the people who want to see purely "our" branch of the XOOPS family - I hope you continue with your project Ana... after all - "Cube" has it's own "cube-specific" wiki - this would be a nice equivillent to this

I hope both sites continue... I'm sure you'd welcome the HelpXoops team to import their contributions as well - where applicable

Question: What is the chance of compiled projects being released on Xoopsdocs.net in the future?

As I said - I'm glad to see the great work Carnuke, Jen and the others are doing... it shows that you don't need to be an official site to make your mark



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