Re: Bugs in few modules

Everythin is the same, except category test 1, hmmm, ok I will create one.

Ok, ignored one, probably depend on my ISP :(, have to replace it with piCal (how hate to use external componets...)

What about multimenu 1.74/75 in ?
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Re: Bugs in few modules
  • 2005/11/5 20:50

  • Bender

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DCrussader wrote:

@Marco: Where to post the list of out dated modules ?
there is a lot, few (specialy my favorite magalerie) have to be moved to Archived or to recycle bin. GS Downloads, Magalerie and few others not work anymore with and 2.2.x too. Most of other are just older versions

You can report these to bluenova and kavaXtreme who are in charge of the module repository on xoops.org currently.
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Re: Bugs in few modules
  • 2005/11/5 21:06

  • davidl2

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Perhaps they should be in a seperate archive, as DC suggests, for modules that are incompatible with newer XOOPS releases.

Archiving them at least gives the hope that someone may be able to update them at some point...

Re: Bugs in few modules
  • 2005/11/5 21:08

  • hervet

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Would not it be easier to just add the last version (of Xoops) it was tested with or developped for ?

Re: Bugs in few modules

There are some modules with works on XOOPS up to
Some, wich have to be used up to
Some created to be used with 2.2
And some, very old modules, wich are provided for XOOPS 1.3 (currently only useable in RunCMS, with little changes).

Since xoops.org doesnt provide support for forks like RunCMS, Ciamos, I suggest u to move them (all in one category) called History, Archive, etc. So if someone is interested in their extension and continue supporting such as Xent Projects on dev.xoops.org to take it.

Few modules are created from teams which are not exist anymore (as web presence), few of them particulary uses old than 1.3 XOOPS.

As XOOPS 2.0 is the most used core, all of the modules have to be re-tested for compatibility with XOOPS and to be moved on Categoy - XOOPS 2.0 Modules, also descriptions of all of this 2.0.x and/or 2.0.5 (for version compatibility) have to be updated to or latest.

There is a few modules such as CBB 2.2/2.30 and extCal which have versions for both XOOPS, they have to be moved to separately category XOOPS 2.2 Modules.

Third group of modules, which are maintained and created professional such as Herve News 1.42 and works fine on both versions, have to be Symlinked to 2.2 Modules.

Lately on, when this changes are done, will be more easyly to maintain modules reporsitory up to date.

Just suggestion, on my hard drives all modules and cores are up to date, but users of XOOPS, which uses this releases are a little bit in troubles, such as piCal 0.7 added in XOOPS Modules Reporsitory, mine version is 0.83, there is a big changes between 0.7 and 0.83, so how un/official supporters will help the users ?
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Re: Bugs in few modules

no max no bling. goes double for mik. triple for the insane aliases of said lunatics
Not around here anymore. Way too many idiots, so sad.


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