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Posted on: 2005/6/8 10:53
kgmetcalfe (Show more)
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Re: for some strange reason will not go past this point


ahooi wrote:
I think I've finally gotten it resolved. The solution is to create a NAT entry in the Firewall router pointing to the port number used for the new XOOPS site.

what router - and what / where would the entry be placed.

norton 2005 internet changed something ( 2004 was not affected).

but as i have pointed out in other forums - MY router is linksys / cisco - the routers from h e l l ...

thing is, the issues that affected me are still persissting if i revert to the settings ( default ) that norton 2005 did with fresh install.

one day all software/hardware will work as advertised - and that day the damn world will probably blow up!