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I had problems with ipowerweb.com's support people. Plus the site went down a lot. They were always redoing things with their servers and it would cause my site to go down. Sometimes for hours! I am now with onsmart.net and I've only had the site go down once and that was only for an hour. Their support staff are fast to help me with any questions too compared to the ipowerweb people.

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  • 2003/12/18 2:33

  • elmore

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I posted this in another thread but thought I'd post here. Again while these guys are just getting started I've been hosting with these guys for a while and have not had any problems. They seem to have a lot of promise. Support thus far has been fantastic and I really can't say enough good things about these guys. Give them a look:


I'm sure there will be many good things to come from these guys.

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  • 2003/12/18 4:55

  • wcrwcr

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I?ve found one host that offers a very interesting package,


When a tryed to conect to confirm the link they were off line.

If anybody knows more infos about.......please tell us

Re: Xoops Hosting Forum Launched
  • 2004/4/2 14:48

  • DHairy

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My XOOPS hosting is excellent and I've never had one single problem ever.. check this out

Free Hosting trade for theme design


My XOOPS site is located at:

As you can see I am a TERRIBLE web designer. I do however work for an excellent hosting company and have access to great hosting. My band uses XOOPS for our site but as you can see needs a serious makeover.

I am willing to trade 6 months (or longer) of free, reliable, ad-free hosting on either
Windows 2000, FreeBSD, or Linux RedHat servers in return for a complete XOOPS theme re-design.

Hosting features include:

500 MB Webspace (negotiable)
15 GB transfer (negotiable)

Unlimited domains, sub-domains, aliases, parking, redirects etc..

SSH access
Static IP
cPanel or H-SPhere control panel
Unlimited email including:
autoresponders, lists, aliases, forwarding and webmail.

..and more, just let me know anything else you need.

anyone interested email me at Craig@dirrtyhairy.com

Re: Xoops Hosting Forum Launched

I should also mention PlanetXoops.com, which currently hosts Xoops.org (yup this site!), amiga.org, Starfleet International, as well as my personal website. We provide XOOPS pre-installed upon request, and offer CPanel control of your website.

Re: Xoops Hosting Forum Launched
  • 2004/4/20 1:32

  • st_nick

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For a limited time the hosting service I've been with for the last 8 months is offering an unbeliveable hosting package.
Take a look, I think you'll be surprised.



Re: Xoops Hosting Forum Launched
  • 2004/5/12 14:30

  • mchern

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I've been with iPowerWeb for a while, but thinking to change them. XOOPS works fine and the XoopsGalery with NetPbm installs correctly.

The only problem with them is a down time, I found my site down on a weekly basis, thinking about setup some tracking script to figureoout the actual down time.

I start testing other providers for my new site ,and eventulay moving from iPowerWeb.

I setup account with 1and1.com - 4.99$ basic hosting - suxxx
even so they display on the first page that basic plan has MySql and Php/Cgi configuration in the Control Panel.
THEY ARE NOT, yep read this linux hosting (500Mb) with disabled php cgi and mysql. Business package is $9.99 and it is more them iPowerWeb for less features - don't worth it.

Most of all now I have to wait for the 60 days till they release my domain name, becuase of some kind of regulations they have... bla bla..

Moved it to the ehostpros.com 2.99$ month + 12$ for the domain transfer. Looks good from the first look,
but once I started to configure XoopsGalery I found out
they allow only perl script in your cgi-bin - and they actually prevent you of running NetPbm or any other linux binaries due to the "Various Issues" another bull..

If some one know reliable XOOPS hosting 200Mb+ under 5$
please advise.

Reliable means good uptime and prompt customer support not next few days...

Re: Xoops Hosting Forum Launched
  • 2004/6/6 19:03

  • fenriz

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I'll just mention that I've newly succed uppload my XOOPS into a free hosting:


(with banner adding...., but it works)


Re: Xoops Hosting Forum Launched
  • 2004/6/6 20:11

  • JMorris

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While I will agree that the $4.99 package at 1and1 is not the best for Xoops, the business package (what I use), is well worth $9.99/mo.

Note: I am not an employee and the link is not an affiliate link.

The Following Features Are All Included:
Basic Features:

* Hosted on I/O optimized 1&1 Linux version
* 1000 MB web space
* 15 GB monthly transfer volume
* 5 FTP accounts
* SSI Server Side Includes

Domain Features:

* Includes 3 domains at no additional cost (.com, .net or .org only)
* No additional costs for domain transfers
* 50 subdomains
* DNS Management
* Point up to 100 external domains to 1&1 name servers
* Domain Contact Management
* Manage unlimited domains

E-mail Features:

* 150 POP3 e-mail accounts with 50 MB space each
* 500 e-mail aliases
* 1&1 WebMail
* Symantec virus scan protection for 3 POP3 accounts
* E-mail forwarding
* Auto-responders
* Catch-all e-mail addresses

Marketing Tools:

* 5 1&1 Chat channels
* In2site Live Dialogue
* 1&1 WebStatistics
* 1&1 Newsletter Tool
* Search Engine Tools

Site-Building Tools:

* WebsiteCreator with 18 pages
* 1&1 WebElements
* Ready- to-run CGI scripts
* Free CGI programming
* PHP3 & PHP4
* Cron Jobs
* FrontPage Extensions
* Software worth $550, including NetObjects Fusion 7.5

Database Features:

* 1&1 WebDatabase
* 1x MySQL databases (100MB is more than enough. Use prefixes)

Security Features:

* Daily backups of your website
* Continuously updated 1&1 firewall
* Optional Dedicated SSL certificate (QuickSSL Premium)
* SSL Secure Server
* SSH Secure Shell Access

Account Features:

* Access to log files
* 1&1 Control Panel


* 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
* 99.9% uptime (100% has been my experience)


* Free 24/7 phone support
* Free 24/7 e-mail support
* Online FAQ

I have used several (more than you would believe) web hosts over the past few years and none (many mentioned in this thread) could remotely compare with the reliability, speed, and features of 1and1. I plug them so pasionately because they are that darn good!

The only downside I've found with 1and1 is that I had to install phpMyAdmin myself. To be quite honest, I prefer it that way because I can upgrade it. Many hosts use an outdated version that may have security holes. Besides, it takes 5 minutes to install.

Re: Xoops Hosting Forum Launched
  • 2004/7/8 6:11

  • cmatt

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