Re: Surpass Hosting - "Friends are not forever" or "Babuschka syndrom"

Just a related question.

All these hosting companies - are they hosting websites only? Or could one imagine being allowed to have a TeamSpeak server or similar running?

Re: Surpass Hosting - "Friends are not forever" or "Babuschka syndrom"
  • 2004/5/21 21:51

  • tjnemez

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hey guys,

i know it may be mentioned above, but is anyone using surpass as a host? is so could you please provide a link to your site.

Re: Surpass Hosting - "Friends are not forever" or "Babuschka syndrom"
  • 2004/5/21 21:52

  • HostDime

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very good question, the hosting plans / reseller plans are usually always geared towards web hosting / streaming pre-recorded medi / database work.

With shared hosting enviroments most companies won't allow for clients to run applications such as teamspeak.

it would create a bigger server resource use and possibly create overload on the server. Also it would be unfair to the other users on the server who may only be using the server for website /email.

For such applications going dedicated server would be the best option.

you get 100% full root access and you install virtually anything you want.

Game servers such as counter strike
Shoutcast for radio streaming and video

Hope this info helps best of luck on your business endeavors


Re: Surpass Hosting - "Friends are not forever" or "Babuschka syndrom"
  • 2004/5/22 2:09

  • danMAN

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Gee, that was quick, I wonder how ...?

Anyway, here's a bit more of my two cents worth

SURPASS:"The fact that our company is partnered with another only means we have a large hold on the market, because we have the facilities and the stablity to do so."

Sure thing, and there's nothing wrong with it, but I (as a prospective customer) would have liked to see this up front on your site somewhere (Like a section on "about us" or similar). Things are not helped by the "look at us, we offer such unique services" drumbeat, you look silly and become less trustworthy when customers find this is not quite so, but that instead you are in many ways a replicant of your mysterious "parent company". Just say what you are: A subsidiary of hostdime. I would've had absolutely no problems with that, and I mighthave seriously considered signed up with you (though the funny wording of some of your tos would have had to be clarified further, and IP addresses provided with the reseller accounts, among other things.

HOSTDIME: "HostDime Is the parent company Started Business in Dec 2001 and domain was registered in Jan 2002 Surpass Is a subsidary of the parent company with it's own management.
HostDime Purchased Servercove to exand more into the dedicated Server Market.
VirtueHosting is not affilated with Any hostdime subsidaries. Virtuehosting is client of hostdime. Virtue rents dedicated servers from HostDime"

First of all, congrats for being so quick providing your feedback in here (is there a birdie among us?). It's great that we now know a bit more about you and your "subsidiary". And trust me, customers (especially Xoopers) are quite inquisitive chappies, hence the 'research and the comments'. Again, it would have made the trustworthiness factor way better if people had the option of knowning what you just clarified for us in here. You might think it isn't my business or that of others to know this, but ask yourself this: why should I give my CC number over the web to someone whom, apart form a glitzy website, I don't really know, and then find that they're telling fibs and masking their identity (whether 'unintentionally' or not). Even in the comments in response to here you seem to imply that you're focused on growth, and thus anything goes. Man! (or woman?) that's the wrong attitude when you try to illuminate the reasons for something that doesn't sit quite right with a prospective customer! But the effort to clarify things is apopreciated, indeed. Thanks.

Just a clarification re comments on the reseller accounts, this interests me not because I want to sell hosting, but because I have a number of my own sites which I find more economical to manage on a 'reseller' account. Whether shared or resseler, or whatever, the significance of the questions raised here remains the same.

Re: Surpass Hosting - "Friends are not forever" or "Babuschka syndrom"
  • 2004/5/22 3:31

  • jfernau

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Is there a birdie among us? I've been called worse, but yeah - I'm your birdie. Surpass has been the best host that I have used to date. So far, my experience with them has been 100% good. They made an effort to connect with this community - first by offering a free month to members of this forum, and then by contributing to the project. There are several of us here that host there, and come back to share, only because we want to let others know that we've found a good thing. We aren't on the payroll. I know at the very least that carnuke, stewdio, phatty, and djsckizo all host there now.

Then the crap starts. If it was someone who had an honestly bad experience and felt the need to share it, that would be fine. But no, it's the same kind of junk that fills our (US) political system. Casting doubts and making insinuations. For what purpose? What is the motive? What good will come of it?

So, I let them know. They care about their reputation. Any company that sincerely wants to grow needs to. They thought they were among friends here, and I felt they should know that wasn't entirely the case, and that they should have the opportunity to defend themselves publicly since they were being attacked publicly. Obviously, they jumped on it, wanting to make sure their side of the story was heard.

I rarely get involved in controversial posts, as I don't feel like I've paid enough dues to do that. I'm still a new kid on the block, and try to respect that. However, since you have far fewer posts than me, and some of them came from this thread, I felt that I had no choice but to speak my piece.

If I have posted anything offensive to those who make XOOPS and the XOOPS community what it is today, I apologize. I just felt that this thread was the equivalent of a "sucker punch" against someone who did nothing to deserve it.


Re: Surpass Hosting - "Friends are not forever" or "Babuschka syndrom"
  • 2004/5/22 4:33

  • m0nty

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to be fair, i think u over reacted Dan, don't want to cause an argument, but there is no legal requirement for a subsidiary company to say who they are a subsidiary of, if u ask them they will tell u, but they don't have to advertise the fact.. surpass are basically their own company..

the fact they advertise that they own their own data centre is enough in my books to prove to me that they are not just a reseller.. i'm pretty damn sure if they were a reseller, hostdime would have pulled them about advertising that they run their own data centre if they were just reselling..

they do say clearly on their website if you need any more information then ask.. and i'm pretty sure if u had asked they would have told u.. so i see no problem whatsoever.

my website is owned and run by me and my business partner, but the site isn't our company!! altho it's our company website..

our company is actually mersey sound media but nowhere on the website will you see or find it advertised, you may find this strange but we don't.. the only place you will find it is on my business card or if you visit it, and then you'll also find we are also partnered to a recording studio aswell.. altho both are seperate companies and are run entirely seperately.

i think this subject is over and everything is explained..

my choice would be to go with surpass, and if i had my way i would do, but my partner is very reluctant to go with a host outside of the uk, as he wants a uk host, i can't fault him for that as we are in the uk and it doesn't seem all that logical to be hosted on a US server.. i maybe able to talk him round if the time comes and we seriously need a better server than we're on, but he handles the finances, and i think the next move for us would be a dedicated server, and he'll go on cost, in which case uk 1 we are looking at is cheaper than surpass, but surpass do offer more than we need.

Re: Surpass Hosting - "Friends are not forever" or "Babuschka syndrom"
  • 2004/5/22 4:59

  • Big_Bro

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That was shameless!

I liked the look of their offerings though and ordered a basic site to try out for a customer I want to separate from my server. Looks very good so far, very fast, efficient, and extremely easy to set up, much more so than my present much larger host(CI)who is getting the boot at the end of my year contract. Within 5 minutes I signed up, paid, got into my cpanel and set up the customers email accounts. Very nice!

Re: Surpass Hosting - "Friends are not forever" or "Babuschka syndrom"
  • 2004/5/22 8:20

  • danMAN

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My, and you do sing such a song, little birdie
Couldn't give two hoots whether you like what I say, or if you posted more on this forum than me, but out of curiosity: why do you take umbrage at my honest attempts to let everyone know that surpass is really a subsidiary of hosdime? This at the same time when your strident proclamations everywhere about this host is becoming quite tiresome. Go ahead and be happy with them, and yes, you said it already. Yes, you're right, it doesn't matter whether what their company structure is, nor does it matter that they are who they are and do what they do. What is important (to me, at least) is that I know who they are and that they do not say so up front. Of course they are entitled to be so, and, likewise, I am entitled to keep my money in the pocket. Again (pay attention here:) it doesn't matter who they are, or that they are simply a subsidiary of another company, but it does matter when they make themselves out to be unique in so many ways, declaring things like: "Reseller Hosting at Surpass. The Most Affordable Reseller Plans. Period." Therefore, I would suggest that I am justified in sharing this with people, no? Just like you are in telling everyone how happy you are with the host, and I could call your stuff "crap", too, (because there are other hosts that give better service out there), but I won't. And with this, I am going to say no more on this subject as it seems that some people are not mature enough and get upset easily if things are said that don't somehow suit them, as if it impacts on them personally. So if you feel somehow afronted by all this, well then -- sorry, and I wish you and your chooks (Er, I mean, birdies) the best of luck.

Re: Surpass Hosting - "Friends are not forever" or "Babuschka syndrom"
  • 2004/5/22 9:25

  • asche

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Since I still consider myself a prospective customer - I didnot go for fuitadnet yet, because I think the offer of surpasshosting is very challenging in many respects - I want to point out the problems a newbie is facing while looking for a host. I could just try out surpass, because I want the reseller account for using techniques/services from "like dedicated hosting" in a "shared hosting environment". For me, reliability (uptime and future bandwith/overselling) is no question in the shortrun. So why did I not make up my mind? Because next to knowledge I like transparency and so I am not convinced of both of the offers of surpass and fuitadnet yet (... please dont think I am dealing for a better price or trying to stir something up).

After all I wondered if we could make up something like our own "like quality assurance" for providers, stating our "xoopsies-requirements" and then comparing services. This not only saves a lot of time, but also strengthens our „xoops-position“ as customers.

Therefore I would like to join in sharing information and will contact DLH in product development as well. Is it possible to put a big „like Excel-table“ in a „like Wiki“ and work this out? Next to a few answers I have so many questions - just for curiousity - like "what is the difference between Scripta and Cpanel (both provided at surpass or just the former?) or will Zencart be provided as a shopping-cart and what about Mambo" or "How is surpass compared in terms of 'root access' and what I can do/what I can not do“ or „what about the IP -> at fuitadnet I get one IP with 10$ package, 2 IP with the 15$ package“ ........ and so on.

Re: Surpass Hosting - "Friends are not forever" or "Babuschka syndrom"
  • 2004/5/22 9:37

  • danMAN

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Asche, you're like me, a newbie who values transparancy. Munkus just drew my attention to 24hostingnow.com, and I surfed over to see. Looks like pretty good deals there if you're after a reseller account, and especially if you don't mind paying for a year in advance. Check this out:

1000MB Space
5GB Bandwidth
Was $95.40
Now $59.40/year
FREE Setup
You Save $36


1400MB Space
10GB Bandwidth
Was $179.40
Now $99.40/year
FREE Setup
You Save $80

Not sure if you get an IP address with these deals, but they say elsewhere that they can provide one IP for $2/month.

I also had a look at their "about us" page and their servers info -- and so what can I say in respect to my postings above? How about "I rest my case"?


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