Need theme designed for $$
  • 2004/2/22 23:59

  • alden523

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I need 2 themes designed one for a computer repair company and another for a paintball company. I am willing to pay 50-200 dollars depending on quality of the theme and template.

looking for something along these lines



Please post here if you think you are up to this task.

Re: Need theme designed for $$
  • 2004/2/23 0:44

  • YourHelp

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I learnt a valuable lesson in this community don’t mention money as everything is free and we all work together to make our creations. People here frown upon that kinda stuff here.

If you want that kinda stuff check this site out www.templatemonster.com

Re: Need theme designed for $$
  • 2004/2/23 2:09

  • Chado

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I think the real problem is not people willing to pay for services, but it was people who were trying to sell services using this website to promote themselves. A significant difference in my opinion.

Re: Need theme designed for $$
  • 2004/2/23 4:28

  • brash

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I think you might be pretty spot on there Chado.

Re: Need theme designed for $$
  • 2004/2/23 6:03

  • YourHelp

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I remember offering money for development of themes and various things for my site as I thought it was nice to pay people for there hard work time and effort. However I was frowned on and abused on a number of occasions in this community for it and told basically that money and XOOPS don’t mix. I had a hard long think about it and over time I can now see why because money seems to change things And quiet literally piss people right off………

Who wants to see XOOPS in the future with a price tag of $500 per site not me!

Re: Need theme designed for $$

It all depends on the context.

If someone asks for a solution to a problem and is presented with a price tag, something's wrong (I am not saying that was your style, it's been a long time since then and I cannot remember the details)

Personally, when people approach me, asking me to do something for them, I tell them what I will charge for that - not on simple support questions or very specific problems, but e.g. on whole modules or themes.

E.g. I charge $100 for converting a TemplateMonster Template bought on www.webdesignhut.com to a XOOPS theme and I am in the process of doing other themes, which I charge for.

My time is precious and if people are needing services done quickly, they should be prepared to pay for that service - but if they want to do it themselves and only need a hint or a push in the right direction, then that is something I do for free because I like XOOPS and the community and may have to rely on other people helping me some time.

I don't think that modules should cost money - but if someone hires me to do one, they have expectations towards the end product and expect me to do something within a time frame. For that dedication, they have to pay.

I guess it is a matter of interpretation

Re: Need theme designed for $$

I too think there is a big difference between paying for help and what amounts to spam. I'm sure lots of people are being paid to create sites based on Xoops. Other people are offering custom apps and themes for $$. And some are more deceptive. And still others seem to think they deserve to bitch and gripe if they donate a few dollars.

I'll bet that the poster has received a few PMs offering their help for money. Nothing wrong with that if they keep within the license.

I stay with the free side of things since I'm doing non profit sites but I can't blame anyone for offering help for money where appropriate. I'd gladly accept money for expertise too.

It is all in the attitude. There is room for free and $$ depending on that attitude.

Re: Need theme designed for $$
  • 2004/2/23 16:12

  • dlh

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There is nothing wrong with offering to pay for services rendered. There is nothing wrong with getting payed for services rendered.

Xoops is a great product, but like all opensource projects, they move a varying rate of development speed. Sometimes for a corporate site, you have to pay to get things done in a way that is timely for business and is worthwhile for the developer.

On the other side of the coin, if someone *solely* charges for services and not giving anything back of significance to the *free* community, then you are not adopting the spirit of opensource.

Xoops is a great business tool - if everybody gives a little - we all get alot!

Dan (dlh)

Re: Xoops and money DO mix!
  • 2004/2/23 17:33

  • Bunny

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Xoops is becoming a more and more professional product. It follows that more and more people will use it in a professional way. It also means that the contributors will be more likely to be professionals who (try to) make a living from developing software.

When you contribute to an open-source project, you do that in your spare time, so you do what you like best. You work on your newest, hippest theme, or a clan-roster for your CS team. When you work on something someone else requested, you're giving up your spare time for that. In a market based economy it is common to sell one's spare time for money. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact the other attitude (Xoops and Money don't mix) scares me.

If it is possible and common to make money with Xoops, this will draw professional programmers, who will most likely make quality contributions to the project, even if the modules/themes they develop for money are closed source. (At the moment we're not really sure if our license requires all modules to be GPL'ed too, but if the module is never released to the public that is of no consequence.)

Thus we can only win by encouraging people to earn money - even make a living - from Xoops. Hey, I'm positively thrilled by the thought of professionals working full time on and with Xoops.

I also do XOOPS programming for money. It enables me to spend some of my work time on the CMS I like best. Of course I could say: "No, I use Mambo or Typo3 for work, and XOOPS only as a hobby." What would that say about my opinion of Xoops? If I thought any other project had higher quality and was more usable, I would be contributing to that project, not to Xoops. So it's only natural that I want to use XOOPS to make a living, because it is the best system.

One thing that has worked well for me (and I encourage other professionals to do the same) is that I offer my clients a discount if they are willing to release the work I do for them to the XOOPS community.

Another thing I would like to suggest: If you make money with Xoops, and you can't contribute any code to the project because of the nature of the project or the will of the client, please consider donating a little to the project. I know that using XOOPS for commercial work enables you to make much lower bids than competitors who build sites from scratch or use commercial CMSs. Whenever XOOPS makes me win a pitch or finish the job in half the time, I donate 5-10% of the fee.

Sounds fair, doesn't it?

Re: Xoops and money DO mix!
  • 2004/2/23 17:41

  • studioC

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hello buny,

Whenever XOOPS makes me win a pitch or finish the job in half the time, I donate 5-10% of the fee.

that#s exactly what is in my head for the last month.



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