TV Listings Module/Block Request

I have been looking for a way to do this but no good ideas yet. I want a module or block that will pull tv listings from either TVGuide.com or any other site that has daily listings.

There are scripts on the net for doing this for UK shows, but I need to be able to do it for US shows. The module would have an admin feature where you could ask for tv listings for certain tv channels and even certain types of shows or the names of the shows.

This type of module would enhance my XOOPS site because for now I have to do everything manually and that takes up valuable time. Having a module that can do it for me would be fantastic!

Re: TV Listings Module/Block Request
  • 2003/12/2 20:38

  • hrac

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I made it for my site ( http://www.kasapoglu.org ) but It only shows Turkish TV channels and whole site is in Turkish.

Re: TV Listings Module/Block Request
  • 2003/12/2 22:28

  • chrisz

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This module sounds like a great idea to me! I've already started looking for ways to aggregate the data. I started reading up on module development a couple days ago. I'd like to try my hand at developing modules. I can already think of a couple great features to add to a T.V. listing module. Allow the webmaster to only display listings pertaining to certain topics or allow users to search the listings for criteria.

Have fun!

Re: TV Listings Module/Block Request

Cool chrisZ! If you create it let me know! I'm still trying to figure out how to create a module and this seems a bit complicated to try for my first time. The first module I tried to create didn't work at all. The features you list sound exactly like what I would love to have.

I run a fan site that is for only one genre of television and I'd love to be able to pull tv listings that only pertain to that genre so that it's easier for my members to see when their favorite shows are on. It's just something special that I'd love to give them.

Re: TV Listings Module/Block Request
  • 2003/12/3 0:26

  • chrisz

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My first obstacle will be finding sources to grab the listings from. I've briefly looked at XMLTV, but it looks like an Perl application you have to install. I want to make this module so you don't have to install extra stuff, especially when a lot of people don't have that kind of access to their servers.

If anyone has any suggesstions or knows of a good source for TV listing feeds, please let me know.


Re: TV Listings Module/Block Request
  • 2003/12/3 4:40

  • cmagana

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Look at: http://rootus.org/src.php

A frontend for XMLTV. Shellscript runs XMLTV and the output goes to an MySQL database and this PHP frontend reads from the database.



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