Xhtml compliance
  • 2003/10/22 14:32

  • lubdub

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Is Xhtml compliance still a goal for Xoops?

It looks like the frontpage is Xhtml compliant, which is good. But when I submit my own internal development page, I run into problem for an admin block: the waiting contents (ok, this block is not supposed to be visible).

Here is the message from the W3C Validator:

“unknown entity ‘FOO’”

The validator has found an entity (something like &this;) that it doesn't recognize. There are a few possibilities:


A reference to a URI that uses & as a separator between parameters, such as "http://example.org/prog?x=1&y=2".

To solve this problem, simply replace all the &'s in attribute values with & (user agents will convert them back before following the links.)

The problem is the
which should , in the source code, be
index.php?op= .. &..

... if I'm not wrong ...

Re: Xhtml compliance
  • 2003/10/22 17:05

  • gstarrett

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I believe it is (I certainly hope so!!). You can easily check to see if that change fixes it by saving off a copy of the page locally, making the change, then submitting that to the w3c. Opera makes this trivial, just press CTRL-ALT-V and it will submit the current page to the w3c via the upload mechanism so you don't even need to post it publicly to validate it.

Oh, btw: You're correct that all &'s in XHTML are escapes and need a sequence after it... & translates to a proper ampersand.

Re: Xhtml compliance

you're right, I have modified the block script and will add it to CVS as soon as I can figure out why I cannot checkin any code


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