Deleting comments not working
  • 2003/10/7 14:40

  • dodell

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I'm unable to delete comments under the news section. I confirm that I want to delete only the single comment I've selected and then there's no output. I've mungled around in the scripts, but there are too many DOS linefeeds () and I'm not exactly sure how the XOOPS system works in the first place -- so I'm unable to really diagnose where this is going wrong.

Any help would be appreciated.


Re: Deleting comments not working

Works for me in XOOPS 2.0.4. What version of XOOPS 2.0 are you currently using? Try turning on php debug mode in "System" -> "Preferences" -> "General Preferences" and see if you get any errors during the deletion process.

Re: Deleting comments not working
  • 2003/10/7 15:20

  • dodell

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I'm using 2.0.4. I do get output when turning on debugging, but it's only a couple of notices, so that shouldn't be any problem, since it auto-corrects that.

Notice [PHP]: Use of undefined constant XOOPS_COMMENT_APPROVENONE - assumed 'XOOPS_COMMENT_APPROVENONE' in file include/comment_delete.php line 62
Notice [PHP]: Undefined index: xoops_lblocks in file class/smarty/Smarty.class.php line 626

MySQL debugging gives me:
SELECT * FROM xoops_config WHERE (conf_modid = 0 AND conf_catid = 1) ORDER BY conf_order ASC
SELECT sess_data FROM xoops_session WHERE sess_id = '4400ae9439fb8addc4b4bc07257b8c70'
SELECT * FROM xoops_users WHERE uid=1
SELECT * FROM xoops_modules WHERE dirname = 'system'
SELECT * FROM xoops_configcategory
SELECT * FROM xoops_group_permission WHERE (gperm_name = 'module_admin' AND gperm_modid = 1 AND (gperm_groupid = 1 OR gperm_groupid = 2))
Total: 6 queries

Total: 0 blocks

(so there's obviously no deletion getting done)

Debugging templates gives no output.

On a somewhat less prestegious level, how can I let non-logged in users see the forums?




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