What about a spellcheck?
  • 2003/3/10 12:20

  • Goyko

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Hi there,

several users have big problems with their spelling.
Wouldn't it be great to have a spellcheck for Xoops?

Should be also possible for languages others than english.


Re: What about a spellcheck?
  • 2003/3/10 14:21

  • forlon

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This is not a good idea, although it would be very usefull.

A spellchecker would have to watch what your typing during you type. So this wouldn't work, never seen this on a webpage. This is PHP and only a web application on the server side could do that.

It would be better to use XMLRPC (bloggar) and add the spellchecking inside the application.

Re: What about a spellcheck?
  • 2003/3/10 14:34

  • Bunny

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I don't know how young you are, but there was a time when all spellcheckers where "on demand" only, not "check while you write"

That being said, if you can find a good php library that can do that, along with free dictionaries for all needed languages, it should be almost like the preview, only with the unkown words marked in some way.

Good luck, and send me the code when you're done

Re: What about a spellcheck?
  • 2003/3/10 15:27

  • forlon

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Re: What about a spellcheck?
  • 2003/3/10 19:10

  • ndial

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And if you want a working code example, check out squirrelmail's spell checker module, it is incredibly slick.

Re: What about a spellcheck?
  • 2004/6/15 4:46

  • Kalobotz

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Re: What about a spellcheck?
  • 2004/6/26 20:13

  • mattyb

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Also included in the popular Whirlpool forums.
It's an option when submitting. Works extremely well.

Re: What about a spellcheck?
  • 2004/7/7 12:50

  • geoffgibbs

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I have implemented a spell checker for one of my XOOPS sites (GCNM.org.uk) using the aspell/pspell functions.
It adds a "Check Spelling" button to forum and comment posts that shows as a preview with combo boxes for miss-spelt (miss-spelled?) words with alternative to choose from.

In theory it should be able to support multiple languages, but I was concentrating on English first.

I have yet to update to XOOPS 2.0.7 and plan to add the spell checker to news posts too.

If you want patch files when I'm done, let me know.

Re: What about a spellcheck?

Definetly interested in an XOOPS spell checker. Even if the easiest way is to use pspell/aspell which is included in most *nix systems. Besides the mentioned squirelmail methods I think the one used in IMP (www.horde.org) works nicely. Being OS it should be possible to extract/borrow/use the module from horde and use it.

Re: What about a spellcheck?
  • 2004/7/11 18:01

  • phillipd

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Perhaps spellchecker integrated into XoopsFormTextArea? My management always complains about the lack of one and points me to all the proprietary offerings that include one. I have to keep telling them I saved them thousands bucks with xoops. I would REALLY like a spellchecker in xoops, on the fly or "Press here for spellcheck", makes no difference to me.

Thanks XOOPS development team!

Doug P


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