Re: efqDirectory

Thank you for your very useful feedback! This certainly speeds up development.


awarrior wrote:
Well the add coupon page does now show when the option is clicked on, but as soon as I create and try to add a coupon to the listing, it then tells me I still have not got the permission to to do this and takes me back to the module index.

Also are the
files missing from the module

In the patch that will be released the
submit coupon function will be fixed too. If you are in a hurry with this you can apply this fix:

In file addcoupon.php change the line with the following code:
$itemid= isset($_GET['item']) ? intval($_GET['item']) : 0;
if (isset($_POST['itemid'])) {
$itemid intval($_POST['itemid']);
} else if (isset(
$_GET['item'])) {
$itemid intval($_GET['item']);
} else {
$itemid 0;


When creating a directory, it could do with a 'Sequence' field so that directories can be set in the order you want instead of the default alphabetical order

Good idea! Will add this to the to-do-list.


More than one INDEX key was created for column `itemid`

This does not cause any trouble but the second index will be removed for new installations.


I think that maybe by enabling a couple of the fields, like county and postcode would be an asset if like me. for putting a google map link on the listing page.

I agree that this will be a very useful and end-user friendly addition. It is high on my priority list and I think I will add this to the 1.1 release.

Any images submitted will still remain in the uploads folder, so these will need manual deletion.

Any extra custom fields used in the Listing/Ad, the details entered in will remain in the database and will also need to be manually removed using phpmyadmin
I will add functionality in the admin panel to remove more data (like uploaded images) along with the deletion of categories and listings.


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