CGI/PHP Overload!!
  • 2007/7/18 6:19

  • irmob

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Today my host(surpasshosting) disable index.php file and module folder.
they says:
"Your account irmob.com has been suspended or a file disabled in it for the following reason:

CGI/PHP Overload
We have been forced to disable index.php under this account was you are causing high load on the server:
mobco irmob.com 15.40 4.12 0.2
Top Process %CPU 140 [php]
Top Process %CPU 47.6 [php]
Top Process %CPU 46.0 [php]

This means your account is responsible for over 15% of the server's daily CPU usage. We have also found that this account is getting almost 70,000 unique hits per month, which is most likely contributing to the problem.

We have taken the following action against your account:

I have disabled index.php to prevent further issues:
root@sh122 [/home/mobco/public_html]# chmod 000 index.php
root@sh122 [/home/mobco/public_html]# chown root.root index.php
root@sh122 [/home/mobco/public_html]# chattr +ia index.php ~~~

You can resolve this situation by following these instructions:

You will have to upgrade this account to a dedicated server as your current usage is excessive.
So how can I solve this problem?
If I upgarde XOOPS verjen to 2.0.16 ,overloading cpu is solved?
Also I repair database from cpanel.
I use XOOPS 2.2.3
most module used is: rmdp ver1.5 & news 1.44
php ver: 4.4.6
MySQL version 5.0.27-standard-log

Re: CGI/PHP Overload!!

According to Surpasshosting, you will need to upgrade to another server (dedicated server) because the load is too high. You cannot solve overloading the cpu by upgrading XOOPS itself.

Re: CGI/PHP Overload!!
  • 2007/7/18 8:56

  • irmob

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I contact by hosting support for find files or modules caused these problem.
but they says:
"Your unique visitors are the biggest problem here. I disabled both the modules directory as well as index.php for irmob.com because your visitors were not going to a specific script, but your site overall. This has gotten to the point where the shared server is running slowly (or not at all) due to your usage, so at this point, you will have to move these accounts to a dedicated server or greatly reduce your amount of unique visitors.
Please tell me what do am I?
xoops.org have 300 online user but dont have a php overloading.
I am 40 user online at one time. and I think this visitor can not overloading cpu.

Re: CGI/PHP Overload!!
  • 2007/7/18 9:45

  • Herko

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xoops.org isn't run on a shared hosting account, but on a dedicated server with large bandwidth quota's, so comparing xoops.org (+- 10.000 unique visitors/day) with your website won't help you here.

I'm with surpasshosting too, as will xoops.org when it moves to their new (dedicated) servers, and they know how XOOPS works. So if they say its your unique visitors, go into your cpanel, to web/ftp stats and use your favorite statistics application (I like awstats best) to see how many unique visitors you really have, as the XOOPS who is online block isn't a decent indication of that.


Re: CGI/PHP Overload!!
  • 2007/7/18 10:02

  • brash

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70k uniques a month is a decent amount, and I'm not suprised it would be causing PHP load issues on a shared server when configured in CGI. Still, jumping from a $6 a month shared account to $55 a month dedicated server is a fair hit to the back pocket. Although $55 seems like a pretty decent price for a dedicated server to me, if you are at all comfortable with administering your own server I would be looking at something like a VPS before kicking up to a dedicated server.
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Re: CGI/PHP Overload!!
  • 2007/7/21 12:04

  • irmob

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I found FCH hack and install on my site.

I want understand that this hack can help me for solving this problem?
How can I monitor efficacy of this hack?



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