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@Jen - My personal opnion in public here too.

If you it will be able to reserve one the two hours per day in the maximum I I know that she will be the best person to lead the documentation team.

You it will never go to make this alone, needs a teams. You know that she has my respect.

If Carnuke and others will be here, exactly thus I would like to see you front to the teams.

Se você puder reservar uma a duas horas por dia no máximo eu sei que será a melhor pessoa para liderar a equipe de documenta??o.

Nunca você irá fazer isto sozinho, precisa de um time. Você sabe que tem o meu respeito.

Se Carnuke e outros estiverem aqui, mesmo assim eu gostaria de ver você frente ao time.

Re: xoopswiki.org

Translation for Giba

If you it will be able to reserve one the two hours per day in the maximum I I know that she will be the best person to lead the documentation team.

If you will be able to reserve one or two hours per day, you will be the best person to lead the documentations team.

My ADDON ... I agree.
https://xoops.org/modules/repository .. It is time to get involved - XOOPS.ORG

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Well I am very honoured!

Thanks for your support guys - I appreciate it - in the next two weeks my time is tight with school work (end of semester) but after that we could get going especially as i will be on holidays to put in the time to get off to a good start. However, I have to advise I am having some reservations with regard to so things and would like to let time do it's work before I committed to such a task. Give me a week.

For Giba:
Poço eu sou honrado muito!
Os agradecimentos para seus guys da sustentação - eu aprecio - nas duas semanas seguintes meu tempo estão apertados com trabalho da escola (extremidade do semseter) mas em seguida isso que nós poderíamos começar indo especial porque eu estarei nos feriados a pôr no momento de começar fora a um começo bom. Entretanto, eu tive que recomendar-me estou tendo alguns reservations no que diz respeito a assim que coisas e gostá-los-ia deixei o tempo faço-o sou trabalho antes que eu cometi a tal tarefa. Dê-me uma semana.


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  • 2007/6/12 11:59

  • skenow

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debianus wrote:

The documentation must be common but avalaible in many languages as to be possible in a only one place.
Look at opensuse.org. The start page allows to choice the language and here: in each page there is a list with all languages in a page is avalaible

Work together allow to exchange handbooks, tutorials, tips between documentation teams of several countries. If there is an excelent tutorial in XOOPS argentina it is lost for do not speak spanish; id. polish support, dutch support etc.

That is exactly how XOOPSwiki was/is organized and was beginning to be built. I am anxious to see the reopening of the wiki once the server issues are resolved.

Re: xoopswiki.org

I am anxious to see the reopening of the wiki once the server issues are resolved.

If all goes well what Ana had designed for xoopswiki will be available. I have had recent communication with her and there is a handover taking place. How it fits in the bigger picture of the XOOPS project and 'official' status is yet to be determined but I feel the fact it will have a home and won't be lost is the most important first step.

I will need all of you who have been contributing to this area and issue to be with me when it is available to work out where to next. I appreciate your encouragement and support to keep xoopswiki alive. Thankyou.

Re: xoopswiki.org

Hi Jen,
I am eager to see it too.

Meanwhile... What I have learned.

open main page at upnrunnin and select De_Table of Contents.Resized Image

After selecting, You are looking at the english template Table Of Contents that I did in English, since I don't know another langage.
Select the top link De_Table_of_Contents. Where the conversion will take place.

Resized Image

Resized Image Do not edit at this time because if you need to pick up the translation which is a link at the bottom of the page, then you may use the back button to return and paste the converted table of contents into the area which is ready for input.

Select the template file (template:toc now renamed) as shown at the bottom of the image.

Resized Image
Google has just converted these documents that I prepared to the language of your choice, this case being German.
Select text and copy use back button and -- AT THIS POINT -- I recommend coding de_new_page_name "de" being for language pair and then view preview and follow the new page to paste the corrected document in.
This way the same template can be used by everyone...

Note.. this is just a BlueStocking Suggestion for one possible way to do some language conversion.

I am sure XOOPS staff can come up with a better way to do these conversions, but in the meantime I have enjoyed the challenge, and will be better prepared to help others enter their stuff into Wiki.

Eagerly awaiting your new XoopsWiki. -- It has great potential.

BTW: I have a copy of the work I have done so people don't have to worry about messing it up.

@snow77, Hi... Feel free to play around with my Wiki and get aquainted with what I have learned. It is open to the public to start testing their skills. Eagerly awaiting your getting xoopswiki back online for us all.

Main page... http://upnrunnin.hypermart.net/xoops03/
https://xoops.org/modules/repository .. It is time to get involved - XOOPS.ORG

Re: xoopswiki.org

From another thread - the on the moderator team report:

Blue Stocking wrote :Quote:
Being a member of to many teams they do not accomplish ONE job well.

That has been my observation also.My wiki guy/gal has so many irons in the fire I have to sit around and wait until time can be found to work on the wiki.

I would rather be WORKING on something productive than posting on this thread. So would alot of others, that is why they set up their own XOOPS related site. We can't seem to accomplish anything here because the ones in charge have to many other things they are also in charge of.

I like EVERYBODY on this board, they just wear to many hats to do a job well and get the Kudos they deserve for doing that job.

A another BS opinion.

This was in the context of a getting the job done well discussion.

I am not the 'cause' of Bluestocking having to 'sit around and wait until time can be found to work on the wiki.' because I have too many 'irons in the fire'. I currently have one official job at XOOPS.org which is moderating. That's it. I have participated in doc writing and FAQ's in the past as time permits.

I have been asked to take on some leadership in seeing the wiki back up and running as Ana does not wish to have this responsibility. I cannot do this on my own and am relying on others and their skills to help me do this.

The closure of the wiki was not 'caused' by my having too many irons in the fire. It was 'caused' by matters I will not discuss here but rest assured it was not my decision to close it. It is being moved. This takes time. Please do not use it's closure as an opportunity for a dig at my ability to make personal contributions to the XOOPS community. I have been asked to do this. I have said I will. I respectfully request more patience and more respect from you for the fact that I have said I would. I have been honest with you about why there is a need to wait and made a statement about when I will be able to really get it happening.

Eagerly awaiting your new XoopsWiki.

I can also not call the wiki 'my' site. It is a site built by someone else out of love and possible future for XOOPS that is being handed to the XOOPS community. It was hosted and owned privately but now it's status in that regard is changing. the foundation has the site name and a generous xoopser is going to host it for free. I do not own it nor am I financially responsible for it. It is not mine to have, but it will become part of the work of the new communications team and as such I do not have the final say about how it will work. The communications team needs time to come together, to discuss it and to determine it's future. The communication's team is still gathering. This may take even more time than I have already suggested. (although I sincerely hope not)
It ultimately comes down to the leadership of TOM and the direction of the communications team.

So Blue Stocking please be patient. I appreciate you are itching to get started but I cannot make this move any faster than it already is. It does need to belong to the community, and therefore it comes under the scrutiny of the Communications team. I am a member of that new team so I can see the wiki to life, just as I have been invited to do. Right now my hands are as tied as yours.


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Hi Jen / BlueStocking.

From my information, the process of getting the Wiki live again should be sorted as soon as the domain transfer is sorted (around 3-4 days I think)

If you've any questions BS - please drop me a PM. I'm not around this site too much at the moment... but when I get them, I'll check with those dealing with the techy stuff

Re: xoopswiki.org

I am dealing with techic stuff... regarding the wiki.
Look at the upnrunnin site and let me know if I am headed in the right direction. This isn't for the average person to understand at this point but the concept has yeilded some fruit.


https://xoops.org/modules/repository .. It is time to get involved - XOOPS.ORG

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  • davidl2

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Cheers - I'll check it out later!


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