How it's working
  • 2007/6/11 9:40

  • Garrath

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Before, sorry for my poor english

I don't want to be in XOOPS team's work, but i want help when i found some bug, mistakes, optimization, evolution too and so on.
Before i go to sourceforge and put 2 or 3 bug/patches etc...

But now, how it'll be working?

Where can we put our idea, and code?
In forum here, in sourceforge, mail to someone?

Sorry if there is an explication somewhere on how do we work... i don't find it

Re: How its working
  • 2007/6/11 9:49

  • phppp

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Re: How its working
  • 2007/6/11 11:07

  • Garrath

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Thank for your response...
If i answer, it's because i don't see lot of move on sourceforge.

But it's Ok for me, I'll be work than before. Then I'll go this evening to sourceforge to put some core's correction and core's optimisation.

I have an other question.
What difference for work between this forum and sourceforge's forum?
What can we discus here, and what can we discuss there?
what is the difference between this one :
and this
https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewforum.php?forum=8 ?

Re: How its working
  • 2007/6/11 13:11

  • giba

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Thanks Garrath, i am look your contributions in SF and too frxoops.org

Send in SF, code, examples, etc... and i am look and analysing too

Thansk for your participation here too.

Sorry, Garrath and Giba not native language english.

Se you cofortable with english, send, if no, send in french with quote translator too I am understand your

p.s: Garrath is member frxoops.org

Re: How it's working
  • 2007/6/11 14:48

  • stefan88

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optimization, evolution

I guess you can also post to core hacks forum here on xoops.org. This was working well...

Re: How it's working

What difference for work between this forum and sourceforge's forum?

I think you will find that what we would like to see is to keep the focus of core at the sourceforge forum. While we do have a community bug tracker here in the community, it is probably more for dummies like me who can say 'I think this is a bug - but I do not have a solution for it'. Sometimes we even get questions like this in the forums for new users who don't quite understand something and it is not a bug at all. Sourceforge don't need dummies like me clogging up there bug report forum.

However, if you do understand code and you have a suggestion to make a correction to a bug or positive change to the core you should take it directly to core development at source forge so the the core development team is alerted to it right away and can discuss it with you. This is the place for those of you who are fairly certain you know what you are doing with code and can not only identify a bug but perhaps even contribute to resolving it. You can have discussions where you share code which speaking for myself - goes right over my head!, but you may learn even more from.

I am a xoopser, like many others, who depends on guys like you sharing your skills and coming up with great core releases. Now there will be a team approach at sourceforge (see phppp's growing core development team) I am hopeful that means those of you with bug reports and great ideas will be heard. As a moderator, I would be suggesting you take such 'bug, mistakes, optimization, evolution' and patches right to the heart of where core is developed. Hopefully someone on the core team will watch the thread in the community - but you will find we will encourage you to head to sourceforge.

Hope this helps to clarify.

Re: How it's working
  • 2007/6/11 21:10

  • Garrath

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Thank you very much

It's more clear for me
I go to sourceforge then to put my correction... and future's idea (if i'll have...)
I speak more fluently PHP than English

Re: How it's working
  • 2007/6/11 21:25

  • giba

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For all collaborators.

But in case that you it sees that the contributions are not being evaluated for dev, does not hesitate in informing please.

When I speak to evaluate, I do not want to say to approve, but that one exists feedback that the teams saw the topic at least.

I know that nor all the ideas that we have will be used to advantage by Core team.

Mas caso você veja que as contribui??es n?o est?o sendo avaliadas pelo dev, n?o hesite em avisar por favor.

Quando eu falo avaliar, n?o quer dizer aprovar, mas que exista um feedback que o time viu o tópico pelo menos. Eu sei que nem todas as idéias que nós temos ser?o aproveitadas pelo core team.


p.s.:My english is very poor too


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