news module need more ability in new version !!
  • 2007/4/4 12:08

  • safir

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hi evry one !

I think XOOPS news module! need some new ability same:

1 - a picture uplod Management that can

a . make a small thumbn from the news pic and show this small pic in short news section in news list, ( same topic picture )

b . can resize the thumbn in a standard size . ( for example 3*5 )

c . can uplod the picture's for a news in multy format ( if the news have more than 1 pic )and can select one of this pic as main and show other in a block in thumbn format .

2 - if some news have same content , module can link them together and show them in (read more about this news ) link . for example we need a fild that user insert a word ( example :"airplane" ) and any news that have same tag in that show in relate group .

3 - can make a news lead and show a lead ( i mean an important text of news ) in a box ( block ) in news body
* if it can be display in 3 format ( align right - align left - and center ) it is better !

i hope you give my mind and im sorry if i write some word incorectly . thanks!

Re: news module need more ability in new version !!
  • 2007/4/4 13:04

  • mrphilong

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I am also looking for all of the above features and an image caption feature built into the XOOPS core. What about clicking on the image to read the news(article) instead of cliking on the title. Sorry if I am asking too much, just some suggestions to improve xoops.

example image caption:

Resized Image

Re: news module need more ability in new version !!
  • 2007/4/4 16:26

  • Bender

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Might make sense to post feature requests for news also on the modules homepage:

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