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Hi everybody,

I have a login problem with my XOOPS site. If I log in, it accepts my credentials, but then it returns to a non-logged in mode. I changed nothing, it just happened when I woke up and I have no clue, what so ever. It doesn't appear to be a db problem or server side problem. Since I can't log in, I can't make a php dump or whatever. It's not my computer, since I have several XOOPS sites, no problems there. Does anyone have any suggestion? Thanks in advance!


Re: Login Problems
  • 2006/5/31 15:26

  • raygauci

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Can you tell us what sort of hosting company are you with?

Check your database especially the _sessions one, it tends to get corrupted on some servers. I have one client who is with ipowerweb hosting company and gives him a lot of hussle. With others I never had a problem like that.


Re: Login Problems

thanks for your help, but I think this is sort of the last straw and will be switching to something else in the next few days. But I will say you are correct, somehow the sessions table got corrupted, so I need to figure out an easy way to replace the table, or just wait until my site is switched over. In case you were wondering here's the error message -\]

SQL query: Edit

SHOW INDEX FROM `xoops_session` ;

MySQL said: Documentation
#1016 - Can't open file: 'xoops_session.MYI'. (errno: 145)

Re: Login Problems

actually a simple repair db command fixed everything.

Re: Login Problems
  • 2006/12/6 22:12

  • sith-

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Same problem. This solution fixed my problem in all. Thanks!

Re: Login Problems
  • 2006/12/10 10:18

  • alyussiu

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I thought I was having the same problem as you, but... it seems different.

From the 15th of october, nobody was able to register on my website and nobody can log in...

I fixed the database and it said a number changed in "session...".

Now, registrations seem to work again but I still cannot login (and it seems to be the same for other people). I can log into my other XOOPS website...

If you have any suggestion, it'd be a great help.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I forgot to say some things...
It happened without I changed anything.
My host is surpasshosting.

Re: Login Problems

Go to the FAQ section - there are posts to help you login as admin when things like this happen.

Re: Login Problems
  • 2006/12/11 2:25

  • alyussiu

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jensclas>Thanks. I went to the FAQ the other day but didn't find something to help me. There is a link who go to a site that doesn't exist anymore (so, I cannot see who to log when I've this kind of problem ><).

Re: Login Problems

There are a number of faq's

How do I reach admin when logged out and with a blank page?

or this when you can;t login - going in via your tables:

How do I restore my webmaster rights once I have denied group access to admin?

other than this we need to know what versions you have and what happens when you do try and login.

Re: Login Problems
  • 2007/1/1 0:50

  • alyussiu

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jenclas, thanks for your help.

I've tried several things before posting again, but I still cannot login, either as admin or a normal user (and it's the same for the users of my website, so, it's not a firewall problem or something like that).

About the blank page, I don't get a blank page. I log in normally, it says I'm logged then, come back to the homepage, but I'm not logged. I've tried to go directly to the admin page after login, but it failed too.

I've tried to repair the database, but nothing change.

Also, even if I can login by a way or another, I'm wondering if visitors will be able to login...
I'd like to be able to login to, at least, write a message to say "sorry" for this problem...

I was wondering what I'd have to change in the database to change the state to "logged".

I've also noticed that sessions tables are different between my two websites (I mean there are 11 fields for the site I cannot login, and maybe 4 on the other I can log). I don't really know why anyway...

Thanks in advance for your reply.


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