Vbulletin Question
  • 2006/4/8 17:06

  • Crash73

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Is there a way you can interigate Vbulletin in Xoops?

Re: Vbulletin Question
  • 2006/4/8 17:40

  • jimkarvo

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What means "interigate"

Can you give me a same word, to understand u?
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Re: Vbulletin Question

What means "interigate"

One way or another you (Crash 73)haven't got the spelling right:

interrogate: This is what the police do when they ask a suspect questions about a crime.

"integrate" which means combining things together - which is what I suspect is meant.

Grab yourself an english/your language dictionary - you will find it really useful.

Other than this i can't guess at what word you are using.

Re: Vbulletin Question
  • 2006/4/8 19:25

  • jimkarvo

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I sharched for it, without any results!

Already we are offtopic


I sharched for "interigate" and no for "interogate"

EDIT2: It is a round about word like "merge"
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Re: Vbulletin Question

erm. It would be good if you guys could just answer his question...as I would like to know the same. Why would it be "cops do this if they suspect...."? He means to make vBulletin work with xoops...thats just common sense when you read it...

So, IS there a way to do this? If so, how could it be done.


Re: Vbulletin Question
  • 2006/4/9 5:55

  • Northern

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if you have pre-2.0.9 or 2.2.3
you can get the V-bulitten at bbpixel

if you have 2.0.10 or a later version of 2.0.X XOOPS then it will not work.
if you have updated your 2.2.3 to 2.2.4, it will work.

Re: Bulletin Question

How many here have Vbulletin working successfully with Xoops, id find it useful for any feedback.
BTW very pathetic picking on the above spellings, if you didn't understand what he meant you shouldn't even be here.
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Re: Bulletin Question
  • 2006/4/10 0:30

  • Northern

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in late 2004 we had X-IPB in a site that was running 2.0.9.
the site has sence been updated and nolonger uses X-IPB it now runs CBB 1.15

We do have a 2.2.4 site that currently has the up-to date X-IPB installed and running.
thow its only a test site its a flawless install. with no problems seen. we creently use this site as a admin and moderator testing grounds for test themes and modules for the other xoop site we have.

all in all if you can get use-to the idea of having 2 controlpanels then uou shouldnt have much of a problem.

Re: Bulletin Question
  • 2006/5/12 14:28

  • StarShaper

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I wouldn't recommend to integrate vBulletin under XOOPS. I am using vB and XOOPS separately, too. You would have to do some ugly hacks to achieve the integration. Since vB 3.5.x supports plugins you could write a plugin for XOOPS without modifying the vB Code. Unfortunately you will have to check every XOOPS and vB Version for changes. It would be a quite annoying task. Additionally it isn't easy to write a good bridge plugin.

Actually I know that Mambo/Joomla provide a Connector/Bridge for vBulletin. Take a look at http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/index.php.

Re: Vbulletin Question
  • 2006/5/12 15:41

  • davidl2

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If you really want to use VB - then visit www.bbpixel.net - but to use the latest commercial version will require a paid plugin I believe.

Alternatively, is there any reason why you are not using CBB - which is at least native to XOOPS and won't require hacks to update the module?



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