[SpreadXOOPS] Affiliate program - help needed

One of the frequently suggested ideas on how to promote XOOPS is to start an affiliate program. Apart from the great honour you will receive from your fellow XOOPSers, this program would have some prizes to offer for the top affiliates.

But, this program does not get started by itself, and by reading the title I guess you already know what I am going ask. Who would like to help with working out this idea to an actual affiliate program?

To start this program a tool is needed to manage the program from a technical point of view (affiliate script) and also work needs to be done for setting the rules of the program and create promotional articles/text.

Let's get this one done!

Re: [SpreadXOOPS] Affiliate program - help needed

And another question

Who is interested in an affiliate program? Would it be good for XOOPS and why?

Re: [SpreadXOOPS] Affiliate program - help needed
  • 2006/1/6 20:51

  • web-M

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I think it's a good idea, wich can help to make XOOPS more and more spreading the world. Others have spread in a same way, Firefox, Google, etc.

We are proud (at least I am) at XOOPS and wen I talk about website building I always name Xoops. So lets make it bigger. Spead XOOPS bij affiliate!!

Let the whole world know XOOPS is great and make it possible for everyone getting started in an easyway with Xoops.

Sorry my English is bad, I'm trying hard on it.

Re: [SpreadXOOPS] - officials please read!
  • 2006/1/11 8:15

  • frankblack

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Another initiave was started by a german user (sato-san). Here a rough translation about the goals. It would be very nice if he would get some help from the officials here on xoops.org:



in the near future there will be a XOOPS-magazine. First only online but later as a printed version in German and English. Because this project is too big for one alone help is needed. I am looking for co-workers and authors!

The start of the first online-version will 24.04.2006. The internet-sites are already registered and a few contents are already there.

The topics of the magazin are:
• News
• Community
• Development
• Design
• Modules
• Howto
• Practical experience
• Showcase

One goal is to make a print-version from the articles at the same time (frankblack: anyone knowledge with xml-export or other ideas for a module that can do this?)

Tell me your opinion and critics via mail to: Rene.Sato[at]xoops-magazine.com

The sites are:



At this point good luck to Rene Sato for his project. I am trying to support you. Already collected some ideas for the export to xml.

Edit: oops! Wrong topic?!

Re: [SpreadXOOPS] Affiliate program - help needed
  • 2006/1/11 8:30

  • luciano

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Great idea...

We need an affiliate module and I would suggest to host the banners/buttons/texts/whatevers on the Xoops.org server (makes it possible to control the content of the ads).

Re: [SpreadXOOPS] Affiliate program - help needed
  • 2006/1/25 21:34

  • Poslanik

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If you'll be using the Firefox type of affiliate programme (your site gets listed on xoops.org as you gain points by sending visitors)it should be fairly simple, although I don't know much coding.

As Luciano said there should be a block made up for this. You would select what kind of banner you like which would be hosted on xoops.org.

Then there should be a counter on xoops.org server counting all incoming visits made by following a banner or ad from the programme. It should be a unique counter and to ensure it is unique it would plant a cookie and track IP. Of course this doesn't ensure a 100% fullproof unique counter but I don't think there are any of those.

Then it would simply list users with most points on the site.

All of the scripts should be hosted on xoops.org naturally and all the user would have to do is sign up, download the block, install it, select what type of banner he would like and that's it.

Re: [SpreadXOOPS] Affiliate program - help needed
  • 2006/3/31 11:07

  • CoolGoose

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O well i see lots of discussions but no spread.xoops.org :)
So any eta for this ?

Re: [SpreadXOOPS] - officials please read!
  • 2006/3/31 13:03

  • chippyash

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Count me in. PM gone to wtravel.

Why do it? Market penetration. One day all open source CMS will lead to XOOPS


BTW, Xoops-Magazine is launched - see XOOPS News item for it

Re: [SpreadXOOPS] Affiliate program - help needed

Posted by Atikson via PM:

I can think of at least three types of affiliate, End User, Commercial and Developer.

End Users are those that simply use XOOPS as their CMS.

Commercial are those that seek to gain commercial advantage from XOOPS by perhaps selling themes, support, hosting or development expertise to the XOOPS community.

Developers are those that create modules for Xoops.

In each case a different type of affiliation can exist but the inherent principle of my suggestion is that they have to register their usage. This can be simply done by a self registering routine (I have a simple one developed for my own modules that can act as a template.) The idea is that when XOOPS is installed, unistalled or upgraded, it registers that fact with Xoops. Similarly for a module. I know from a developer point of view that I would like to know where my mods are installed so I can tailor my support site to the audience and offer, in time, appropriate modifications, enhancements and support (perhaps even on a commercial basis). From a XOOPS point of view this data could be invaluable for spotting trends and providing input into kernel and marketing development.

For Commercial user, affiliation should involve a financial transaction in favour of XOOPS and some form of accreditation, (we already have Friends of XOOPS so I guess there is no major impediment to this.) I don't see any reason why a commercial arrangement cannot exist alongside the "free to everyone" approach (Redhat Enterprise with Fedora, Smoothwall firewalls with their free and commercial products both spring to mind as good examples.)

For the Developer affiliate, affiliation could provide a registered 'tag' for their modules. For instance I use 'XBS' as a prefix for my directory and table names. This is unique to me as long as no-one else uses it but I cannot guarantee it. By registering as a Developer affiliate, I could register my tag on the basis that no-one else can use the same one. This offers the real benefit that the likelihood of someone elses's module clashing with mine is significantly reduced (you cannot police unregistered developers.)

Re: [SpreadXOOPS] Affiliate program - help needed

And another idea from Atikson:

Further thoughts on Developer affiliate. You may know that a module QA test has been published here.

How about wrapping that into the developer affiliate program. Devs can self-certify their modules against the QA sheet and enter the results into a database on site. This can be made publicly viewable. But as important, the modules are subject to random verification by XOOPS QA team to ensure that Devs are being honest.


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