Re: Shame to XOOPS


Marco wrote:
LB, could you post link to this website ?

"...host exist with broken connectivity to big Net ..."
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Re: Shame to XOOPS
  • 2005/12/24 14:57

  • Marco

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waow, surprising answer !
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Re: Shame to XOOPS
  • 2005/12/24 15:56

  • Bender

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Stop flaming around here LazyBadger (your answer to erzon) and i find it rather strange that you even ask this question at all.

I would think you have the knowhow to come to the answer yourself. Go install another fresh XOOPS on that server and i bet its not that slow because it won´t be trying to resolve any external dns entry. But you won´t need to do that since you know the answer already to this little test, right?

Likewise i guess you would know how to deactivate certain displayed elements to find the part of the page thats actually causing it.

Also does it happen on every page (probably some item within the theme) or only on the frontpage or whereever might give additional clues as to what to look for doesn´t it?

And now chill out guys ... it´s xmas.

Hmmm ... why are you people online? Why am i ... ahhh nevermind ... gotta go over to the family now ...
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Re: Shame to Badger and ilk.

Amazing. I'm reminded once again why I don't come around here much anymore. Every community has nut cases but this is a little different. very sad.

Perhaps the new year will bring some common sense. good luck.
no max no bling. goes double for mik. triple for the insane aliases of said lunatics
Not around here anymore. Way too many idiots, so sad.

Re: Shame to XOOPS
  • 2005/12/24 18:57

  • erzon

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thank you for that Bender :) merry christmas to all

Re: Shame to XOOPS
  • 2005/12/24 20:45

  • Rancid

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i just had a similar problem... found the source to be a block containing some code from another website which was experiencing slowdowns... removed the block and voila

Re: Shame to XOOPS
  • 2006/1/3 7:17

  • MadFish

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What i can say from my POV, it's ok but sometimes external scripts eg. ads cause that long loading time.

This is true. Google ads often cause problems when trying to access sites from within Thailand, due to slow lookup. We temporarily turn Google ad blocks off on our own sites when this occurs. I've seen this happen for both XOOPS and non-XOOPS sites.

When it happens symptom is the page will part load, then get 'stuck' on the problem block while trying to suck it down.

Re: Shame to XOOPS
  • 2006/1/3 8:16

  • Watdehek

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I also experienced slow loading, apperently caused by some routes.

At work my site loaded very slowly, at home very fast. Now my host has moved the servers to another location (Redbus, Amsterdam) and now it's loading fast from each location.

It's definitely not XOOPS which is slow!


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