Google Maps and Xoops

There have recently been a lot of sites that have "hacked" Google maps, to display custom places, like cheap gas and houses for sale. I think a module that would allow custom info to be mapped by google would be incredible, and would really set XOOPS apart from other cmss. I found a tutorial on how to integrate google maps into your own site here. I don't have much programming knowledge or I would attempt this myself.
The ideas I had for the module would be for a real estate site, so you could enter in the address and then any other customizable fields you want. Like for the real estate site I would have a price field, taxes... I'd basically want to be able to add listings (and then have a way to de-activate them once they are sold). But I know this would be useful for many more sites than just real estate. Travel, local entertainment, store chains, anything really. As long as the fields that it displays are customizable.
I'm hoping something like this can be integrated with Xoops, as I love XOOPS and Google Maps, and I think they would work really well together!

Re: Google Maps and Xoops
  • 2005/6/3 6:08

  • Axcess

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I cannot read any replies in these forums.. But I do like your idea. I think we could do that. will look into it and let you know. you can try contacting me. Look me up in members.


Re: Google Maps and Xoops
  • 2005/6/3 11:12

  • Kainaij

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I've made this suggestion before and I believe the person you want to be talking to is Wtravel. He will be resuming his efqdirectory development in the middle of July and his module would best fit this implementation.

Re: Google Maps and Xoops

Cool, didn't find that post while searching. But I'm glad I posted it anyway as yours was buried in another topic, I will look into efqdirectory. I really hope that someone here can do this as XOOPS is by far my favorite CMS, and I think this module would be very popular (and useful).

Re: Google Maps and Xoops
  • 2005/7/27 20:25

  • jvolk123

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I actually have a rough module that integrates Google maps as a module. It is still very much a work in progress but I basically intend to allow all the standard map features, plus an admin section that allows you to define markers via a click and edit interface (also utilizing AJAX).

If anyone is interested in this module I'd be more than willing to share (just send me a PM). At this point it is definitely not "production" worthy however you might find it to be a good starting point for your own Google map hack.



Re: Google Maps and Xoops

would you be interested in starting a google maps project on dev.xoops.org?
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Re: Google Maps and Xoops
  • 2005/7/28 1:11

  • pkpdjh

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I have a slightly different need, but I think it might be a common one. What I would like is a module that allows you to store a list of locations. For example, if you were running a youth soccer league, you could list all the parks where the games are held and it would draw a map to that site. Optionally, custom driving directions (text) could be written (e.g. "We use the field behind the school, not the one by the parking lot."). I tried doing this with the standard addresses module, but it was clunky. I had to generate the map, copy the link, etc. I want users to be able to submit the name and the address and the module will get the map.


Re: Google Maps and Xoops
  • 2005/7/28 17:34

  • jvolk123

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ackbar - Yes, I would be. I intend to submit something as soon as I complete some cleanup on my module.

pkpdjh - I actually had intentions of adding something similar to what you are talking about, except in my case it would be to locate buildings at Duke campus.

Directions are a slightly different matter as the Google API doesn't support giving directions at this point. What I will probably end up doing is providing a similar "From this place / To this place" type interface in the info window that appears above a marker and then just link off to Google for the directions. Of course, in my case, most of the buildings on Duke campus have campus addresses, so the directions wouldn't help me too much. I have seen some discussion in the Google maps API group about extensions which allow you to pull in the directions from Google, so that might also be an option for the future.

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  • 2005/7/31 17:20

  • kavaXtreme

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Any progress on this? I would absolutely LOVE to see this kind of module!

I'm sure you're aware of this by now, but Google maps do now include directions.
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Re: Google Maps and Xoops
  • 2005/8/1 13:10

  • jvolk123

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Yes, it is actually coming along quite nicely. I've ironed out a number of issues and hope to have something to release relatively soon. It might not be for a few weeks though...this week I will be in Portland OR for OSCON 05, which should be a blast but won't leave me much time to work on the module. If anyone is there and wants to see the module, I can give you an in-person demo!

Regarding directions...AFAIK the api still doesn't support that. People have gotten around the issue by doing stuff like making calls to maps.google in a hidden iframe, doing some parsing, etc. That sort of thing definitely violates the terms and the breakage potential there is pretty high.


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