Re: Thank XOOPS!

We'll look into it Peekay. The images were lost in the breakdown, so I've been scavenging sites to find the php, MySQL etc. images, but I need Herko to pick the correct one for the creative commons license... if it is needed, really, since it is also in the footer.

Will be fixed shortly.
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Re: Thank XOOPS!
  • 2005/7/27 13:29

  • aptmusic

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I may only be a nub, but hey hey, I'm in the middle of coming online with XOOPS for a few sites and when it went down it was all like ARGGGHHH .. now what do I do .. but WOO! You're back and I can plod on with the development!

SERIOUSLY impressed at how small the downtime was guys!

Welcome home, as they say, somewhere, I'm sure .. possibly ..
.. ..


Re: Thank XOOPS!
  • 2005/7/27 13:43

  • incama

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Glad to see XOOPS is online again, also nice to hear XOOPS wasn't the weak link in the chain. But Mith, could you pm me about the Apache leak, so I can check my servers. I know it would be improper to post it on this forum.

Thank you in advance
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Re: Thank XOOPS!
  • 2005/7/27 15:03

  • karedokx

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i am really glad to have XOOPS back online too! we are all addicted to XOOPS i guess..

as pod said, thanks to all of you who have worked so hard to bring this site back to normal! thank you (and a big bonus for us too: the XOOPS 2.2! yipiiii...)

ps. and mith managed to get his avatar changed too, during the process?!!

Re: Thank XOOPS!
  • 2005/7/27 15:14

  • traveler

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Good Luck!

Re: Thank XOOPS!
  • 2005/7/27 15:25

  • pod

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We all have to reupload our avatars, you only see yours cuz you have it cached ;)

Enjoying the stable 2.2 'bonus' immensely too, so much so I couldn't sleep... loving the changes. Thank XOOPS!

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Re: Thank XOOPS!
  • 2005/7/27 15:59

  • Ronaldus

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Great work for bringing XOOPS back, core people!!
Thx for all your efforts.
Besides that, as a fresh start: a new XOOPS version, module updates and so on.

What a community !!

Re: Thank XOOPS!
  • 2005/7/27 16:36

  • Herko

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/me chimes in with the SHiny Happy People

It's mostly due to the hard work of Ackbarr and the restoring work of myself and Mithrandir, that we got this fixes so quick. Ackbarr, thanks so much!!


[edit]and I love my new avatar

Re: Thank XOOPS!
  • 2005/7/27 17:04

  • davidl2

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Good work all

(Btw - XOOPS 2.2 running ok with CBB 2.2RC so far )

Re: Thank XOOPS!

Thanks again for coming back to life. I'm sure that was a lot more work than you had planned for the weekend and week.

FYI, the same crew that took down XOOPS is still at it and not all the sites are XOOPS so I hope people are making sure their server is secure not just XOOPS code.

I had some visits this morning from our favourite country trying to bust in. I dodged the bullet and so far my sites are ok.

Hint to webmasters, check your server logs. The attempts likely won't show up in XOOPS or XOOPS stats modules until it is too late. You might be surprised when you analyze the backend logs and find out that script kiddies come around every day.
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