Re: efqDirectory
  • 2005/4/21 1:53

  • bjbtexas

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Looks like the MX-directory came out today. How does it compare to what we're talking about here?



* Premium Services:
o Premium services and their display names can now be edited in the admin console.
o added supporting page for premium features as matrix.php linked from Submit a listing (hardcode).
* Search and alpha sort:
o Added to singlelink, viewcat, index, and viewalpha.php
o Module wide enable/disable search and alpha options added to admin.
o Smarty templates modified with if statements for config options via admin.
o viewalpha.php & xdir_viewalpha.html added to display alphasort with admin prefs included.
* Auto detect added:
o Mids for search added.
o Auto detect Directory name added (can not find a way to dynamically rename classes so 1 manual update is required for custom naming... see readme).
* Multiple categories:
o Additional fields added to xdir_links to enable multiple categories.
o Multiple category feature added to viewcat, viewalpha, and index.
o Updated category count codes to accurately show multiple category listings.
o Multicat manager added to admin.
o Link to multicat manager from admin Modify Listing section added.
* Coupons added:
o Coupon table added (xdir_coupon)
o Coupon class, admin, and display features added module wide.
o Coupon admin categories (expired, no-expiration, active) added.
o New Coupon blocks added (display by listing title OR by coupon image).
o Publish on and expiration features added to coupons.
o Coupon counter feature added (num views +couponID) so 127 = 12 views of coupon#7 (this seemed better than 1, 2, bla bla)
o Optional logo and coupon Image added to coupon admin.
o Current image display features added to admin (dropdown with img update).
* Admin:
o Additional admin menu items added for coupons and multi-cat.
o Admin menu reworked in tab format.
o Admin popup menu updated to reflect changes.
o Added uploader and image display features to Modify section of admin
* Smarty:
o added mids autodetect and directory autodetect to smarty templates
o Added if statements so browsers will not show placeholder img. boxes on any listings or coupons.
o Reworked xdir_listingfull.html Smarty template to enable large display area for photos & description.
* SQL:
o New SQL creation file
+ mysql.sql adds additional xdir_links fields (cidalt1, cidalt2, cidalt3, cidalt4)
+ adds coupon table
o MXDIR_cats.sql
+ Optional baseline directory structure to be installed via SQL panel of phpMyadmin
o Upgrade.sql
+ upgrade script (not yet implemented)
To Do List

* Upgrade scripts
* Code cleanup
* Block Naming and additional blocks

Re: efqDirectory
  • 2005/4/21 2:00

  • tripmon

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There are some significant diff's.

The changelist for mx-directory is avail at the dev.xoops.org site under mx-directory project. ABOVE

I have notified wtravel, and offered all the code and my input in support of efq.

You did get the PMs right wt?

LOL, bjb did you pull an edit on me

Re: efqDirectory
  • 2005/4/21 2:04

  • bjbtexas

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Iedit better thatn I right write!

Re: efqDirectory

Tripmon, great to see you finished the beta so soon

I think the biggest differences between the two modules will be:

- management of locations
- flexible data fields

There are a few smaller differences as well, but for my site this functionality is most important, so I will stick to the project.

I will go for the 255 size in the flexible data fields

Best wishes,


Re: efqDirectory
  • 2005/4/21 7:01

  • zeroram

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this may sound dumb... for some..

but why do you guy dont join forces and create only ONE Great Directory Script, instead of working separate...

i belive it will be more work for each other working separate rather than working together...

just a though... :)

Re: efqDirectory

Hi Zeroram,

We thought about that too and concluded that our projects are too different (in the modules' basic structures) to combine. Tripmon offered me to help on some features of efqDirectory, for example the coupons feature.

MxDirectory will be done on much shorter notice and I think many xdirectory users would like to start using that asap. For those who can wait and are interested in the extra functionality (like myself) efqDirectory may be an good alternative.


Re: efqDirectory
  • 2005/4/22 10:26

  • zeroram

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i see...

well if you need people to test it or need the spanish translation count me in...

Re: efqDirectory
  • 2005/7/16 23:26

  • jfmoore

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I'm wondering how this is going? Haven't seen any new input in a while.

Re: efqDirectory

The project is on the way. I still hope to release a first version by the end of August. I will keep you posted.

Re: efqDirectory
  • 2005/7/18 6:44

  • Ronaldus

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Not quite sure if I understand this right.
Are you saying that you are developing a version of xDirectory WITH alfabetical listing?
So I can use it as an addressess resource module??

If this is true I would be very glad !!

I.m.o. an alfabetical listing is an essential part of of an "addressess book". The 3 module I found on this site do not have that feature.

So, Martijn, tell me: is it true?

Thx in advance and greetings,


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