stigmataband.com UPDATED!!!

After two years of using the SKAR theme for our bands site, I went out to templatemonster.com and purchased a new html theme for the site. I converted this theme in about a day or so. Without XOOPS creating themes like this would not be possible.

Resized Image

Thanks XOOPS Community

If you want to visit the site, just visit www.stigmataband.com. If you are on dail-up you will have to wait for a while, as the flash animation is somewhat large. Be patient while it loads.


Re: stigmataband.com UPDATED!!!

It is very slow but nice ... great work!

Re: stigmataband.com UPDATED!!!

Once the flash ani loads it operates pretty quick. Thanks for the comp!

Re: stigmataband.com UPDATED!!!

I changed the flash intro some.... I dropped the loading size from about a meg or so to 600k. Hows the load time now?

Re: stigmataband.com UPDATED!!!
  • 2005/4/10 0:25

  • JasonMR

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Still not good! I gave up, after first having to wait over a minute for the front page to load, and then clicking on a link, just to wait again.

What do you need that flash bit for anyway? Flash should never be used for a menu! It can be used for complex animations, but thats it. Anything else is abuse in my eyes.

Macromedia likes to tell you differently, as they earn money with it, but just ask usability and accessability expert. I keep having this discussion, with a friend of mine, wo studied web design at a design institution. They love it, but it's not suitable for anything but the above mentioned.

* If you need sound -> googel results

* If you want that symbol turning -> gif animation

* Dynamic menu -> java script + CSS

Keep in mind, many users give up, when loading time is too long. Explain this to your clients/friends. So no one besides them, will actually look at the site. Many users are still on 56k modems! Keep that in mind.

The joke for me in the design is, you have this load-heavy flash menu, that only offers a couple of menu points, and its all flashy. Then you have a sepparat menu bar below, and there aren't even any hover-effects, so that the menu is visually not very appealing, nor helpfull to the user (in the sense of feedback, that something will happen, when over that piece of text, indicating an important link).

Besides the above, it looks good, if you look at a screen shot only.

Just my 5 cents....

PS: nearly forgot, I did see one of those XOOPS typical section logo, which you had addapted, by using your own font. You should addapt it to the rest of theme, which is rather dark, suiting the music genre. For example, use in the white area, a matching dark pattern, and change the border colour to brown (using different tones, create a 3D effect, or create a patch-work like feel, as you have with the other border).

Re: stigmataband.com UPDATED!!!

Thanks for the comments for they are noted.

Re: stigmataband.com UPDATED!!!
  • 2005/4/10 18:11

  • dlh

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I totally agree with previous comments. Looks great...once it loads. I have a 3MB connection and it took way too long.

I would use what has already been suggested to keep the feel but minimize the weight of the top graphic.

Also you may want to rethink the font in that first block - it's a a bit hard to read on the screen.

Otherwise - very nicely done.

Wishing you success.


Re: stigmataband.com UPDATED!!!

Ok, well I've tweaked the flash header as much as I think I can at this point. I've updated the forum images to match the rest of the site. I have also, edited the forum's css file to match the site too. Everything seems to work out pretty well.


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