Re: efqDirectory
  • 2005/3/25 23:23

  • AGDesign

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With the inclusion of flexible inputs, this module would be EXACTLY what I'm looking for for a site I'm working on for a client.

Basically, it will be used for a directory of local filmmakers and related disciplines (editors, producers, musical score writers, computer graphics pros, etc). Having flexible fields for each category would be a godsend.

I will alpha and/or beta test this for you...definitely! Email me when you have a testable release: info at armageddondesign dot net

Re: efqDirectory

AGD, I finally have some more time to start planning. Flexible fields will definetely be in the first release. It might take some time before there will be anything to test though, since the project required quite a lot of planning and programming.

I will let you know as soon as the first planning and time schedule is ready.

Best wishes,


Re: efqDirectory

Hi Martijn,

This is wonderful news for xoops. There are some missing modules that IMHO hold XOOPS back in relation to other cms. This is one of those modules and a good directory module is an absolute must for xoops. This will bring new users to XOOPS in droves.

I agree that the module needs to have a calendar feature. Here is a link to a very bad looking website.http://www.mdparty.com/ It doesn't look like much but check out how it works under the hood. You can sort the directory of listings anyway you can think of. This is a better way to look at the setup on that site.http://www.mdparty.com/venues/main.asp

So many people will use this module in different ways and mine is but one example of that. I would like to hear what people half to say about the functionality of the above example. This would be the way I would use the module and Im waiting for the link to your support site so I may make my donation!

-my 2 cents

Re: efqDirectory

Hi Billy,

I think it would be very nice to have an events feature included, with a built-in calendar function. The example you posted was pretty good and indeed layout could be a bit smoother

I will add it to the list. Perhaps not for the first release but defintely pretty soon afterwards.


Re: efqDirectory
  • 2005/3/27 10:14

  • kumzzy

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yeah that would be a great feature! Keep the sprite alive!

Re: efqDirectory
  • 2005/4/2 5:24

  • VideoDude

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Hey there WTraveler ... Just checking to see whether you're still considering this project as something worth undertaking. ??

Re: efqDirectory
  • 2005/4/2 6:34

  • Kainaij

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Look here for the projects progress:


By the looks of it the project seems to be getting off to a bit of a slow start.

Re: efqDirectory

I started on the project and don't count on the tracker too much to see how far it has developed, but don't expect it to be ready before untill within a few months. It needs quite some programming, especially because it has a whole new structure and a lot of features. The base structure is there and I am working on the admin functions now.

Remember, I am doing this part-time, or better spare-time

Also keep an eye on MX-Directory


Re: efqDirectory
  • 2005/4/2 10:16

  • Kainaij

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My apologies, I had no idea that you were the sole developer. I wish you well in your dev.

Re: efqDirectory
  • 2005/4/2 15:05

  • Alan-A

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I realise that I'm coming in a bit late but I'd like to add to the discussion about categories.

A year ago I worked on a project which was to involve a module containing articles about music. The idea was that it would be possible to change the way categories are listed within the usual sort of top-down tree structure. This would have enabled the users to select, for example, that at the first level, the articles could be sorted according to composer, at the second level according to year of publication and at the third level the type of orchester. Users could also have been able to select, for example, Year / Composer / Type.
I guess that this could only work with each article being given a set of keywords - at best selected from a list - and that the categories used to build the menu structure could then be changed by the user.

Could this be a possibility for this directory here? I can imagine that in a holiday directory one could then let people sort their hotels first by number of stars, or country or type of landscape (sea, mountains, desert, etc.).
And that they could then choose a second category, and so on




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