Unable to upload ANY theme
  • 2005/1/31 18:27

  • Thirsteh

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I am unable to upload ANY theme into the XOOPS theme manager, for installation. I am constantly told that the MIME-type is not allowed: binary/tar-gz (and some other extensions occassionally)

Now... I've tried 15 of the most popular themes for download here in the OFFICIAL theme library... Why is it not working?

Have I forgotten to change a config file? Do I need to chmod a folder? This warning message is a bit awkward.

Thanks in advance.

PS: Some of the themes I've tried:


Re: Unable to upload ANY theme

Did you try to upload the archive (tar.gz) ???

Unzip the folder and upload the folder only to /themes/ directory.

example: /themes/4colorbiz/theme.html

Re: Unable to upload ANY theme
  • 2005/2/7 18:02

  • Tim186

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Hey, I am having a similar problem, I have downloaded a few themes from the offical library here at Xoops, but they all come in .zip format yet it asks for a .tar.gz format when trying to upload, i have unzipped them on my computer and tried uploading the folder via ftp to the theme directory in the XOOPS folder yet i get nothing.

Please help

Re: Unable to upload ANY theme
  • 2005/2/7 18:42

  • carnuke

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Can I suggest you folks read THIS FAQ about uploading and installing themes


Re: Unable to upload ANY theme
  • 2005/2/8 0:03

  • mrk6612

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I am a frustrated newbie seeking help with the same problem:
I am also stymied in my attempts to upload themes.

I read the tutorial you suggested but when I attempt it with Windows ME, the template manager will not let me select just the folder. It keeps popping open the folder to all the files.

Manually entering the name of the folder won't work, trying to select the folder won't work and sending the .zip file itself, of course, won't work.

I also have to wonder why XOOPS asks for a .tar file to begin with but all these templates are delivered in .zip format.

So many themes are available yet I can't get any to upload.

Any other suggestions for getting these themes uploaded?


Re: Unable to upload ANY theme

I'm only guessing here but it sounds like some people are trying to upload themes via the System/Admin/Templates function. That is not for themes. Read the FAQ.

You have to unzip the files and copy them to the /themes directory. .zip. .gz .rar etc doesn't matter. Unzip/Untar/Unrar the theme you download and then upload to the webserver.

Then read the FAQ again.

Re: Unable to upload ANY theme
  • 2005/2/24 21:30

  • pvtpyro

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I've done this as well. I've uploaded everything into the proper directory. When "user" chooses the theme there are no blocks, no links, nothing. It has to be uploaded with tar.gz/.tar files. None of these themes have those files.

Yes, i've read the FAQs? Is there another way?

Re: Unable to upload ANY theme
  • 2005/2/24 21:34

  • hyperpod

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Once a theme or two is uploaded peoperly to the themes directory, you need to go into admin|preferences and set these themes as active so the system will provide them as choices.

hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Re: Unable to upload ANY theme
  • 2005/2/25 16:52

  • pvtpyro

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not really, not to be mean. I have them uploaded, i have them as options. but when i select them, and it changes to that theme, there are no blocks. the colors are ok but i have no content.

Re: Unable to upload ANY theme
  • 2005/3/11 10:32

  • enforcer31

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yo, newbie here too...

i did uploaded a theme to folder and i can set it at generals options...but if i click at Home nothing did change...


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