Re: I-Stats not counting

I wouldn't have known except I was involved it the thread.

Re: I-Stats not counting


sylvainb wrote:
Hello Jenny

I'm really confused because I introduced an error into the javascript code you have to add into your theme.html file.

...I don't know what to say more...maybe nothing and rather than saying other silly things, it would be better for everybody that I go to sleep.

I hope that this time will be the maid for you and istats and that you will see finally this module functioning.

Sylvain (too tired )

Yeeeeehhhaaaaa!!!! It works it works I'm a doing a happy dance sylvainb....It counted 1....can't wait to see more!!!
Thank you so much...you are forgiven your mistake - we all do it. I will now post all of this on FAQ in newbie speak...but not this morning - I will be late for work. I was away all weekend which is why I hadn't tried it yet. Will get there yet...

Re: I-Stats not counting
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Hi every one, i'm glad i found a subject related to the same problem that i have! I do have tried all the methods given here, but none worked. I managed to change the value of the counter but that's all.

New visitors are not being counted. If i edit my index page's source code i can see the javascript code below righnt the </body>:

<script type="text/Javascript">
istat = new Image(1,1);
istat.src = "http://totalrpg.nuxit.net/modules/istats/include/counter.php?sw="+screen.width+"&sc="+screen.colorDepth+"&refer="+document.referrer+"&page="+location.href;

I have included the script directly in the theme.html file of the theme i use.

Since i've done everything right (at least i think so), i don't see why it's still not working!?

Can anybody help?


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