Re: Encoding Problem on a site display
  • 2019/2/7 12:20

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Hi Mamba,

Thank you for your replay. I will update my database accordingly.


Encoding Problem on a site display
  • 2019/2/6 14:53

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for reading the following display problem, on my site.

1 - I have reinstalled a site that stoped a few years ago.

Everything works fine, except the display of some characters, on many modules.
On the following page, you will see the encoding problems
Forum with encoding problem .

2 - Here are the technical characteristics.

Linux deb8u1
PHP 5.6.36-0+deb8u1
Mysql 5.5.60

3 - What I made.

I tried to change the encoding using the phpmyadmin tool.
I tried the following encodings, either on the table, or on the connection and database collation.
latin1_swedish_ci (the recommended encoding for tables)

I also changed the secure.php file (in xoops_data/data folder).
// define('XOOPS_DB_CHARSET','');
// define('XOOPS_DB_CHARSET', 'UTF8');
// define('XOOPS_DB_CHARSET','latin1');
// define('XOOPS_DB_CHARSET','ISO-8859-1');

But all of this does not work.
There may be another was to resolve this encoding problem. I tried many solution but none is working. I need the help of an specialist who could give me valuable information on encodings.

There are some changes in the page, but are a still some special characters.
Please, what is your advice on this ?

Thank you very much for your advice.
Kind Regards

Eddy Cingala

Re: XOOPS NewBB 4.33 RC-10 available for testing
  • 2018/12/10 10:44

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Hi Mamba, and other Xoops Contributors,

I have 2 site on the same server, with different version of the FORUM. I need a working Forum which is the most important module in my site.

1 -http://vps555516.ovh.net/djsite/modules/newbb/ uses the Xoops Forum module.
This site was very active until 2011, and the forum (newbb 1) does not work anymore (13 000 members).
We can not navigate in conversations, and we can not create discussions.
Xoops was upgrade to 2.5.9 and is uses PHP 7 (the former site in 2011 used and also version of PHP).
The Xoops/Php migration make the forum stop working.

2 -http://vps555516.ovh.net/xoopstest/modules/newbb/ uses the lasted Xoops Forum (newbb 4.33) on Xoops 2.5.9.
The forum has important bugs that are not solved. I created an issue here:
It was installed 2 months ago.

I need a working Forum on Xoops 2.5.9, while keeping the conversions that existed in 2011.

Please, What solution do I have to have a working forum?
What kind of information can I provide to you or any member who want to help?

Thank you for you support.
Kind Regards
Eddy Cingala

Re: direct friend can not adds user
  • 2009/9/2 16:50

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Hello Everyone,

Nice to see that you had this problem and solved it partially.
I have moved to XOOPS 2.3.3 recently and my module does not work. Moreover I have built another module on top of friendfinder module.

I would like to know was the hack it or what I have to change in my PHP classes and files.
What do you mean by accesing the XOOPS users class directly ?

Thank you very much.



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