Re: Google Adsense in a banner?

I have no experience with those ads but I think that most people just put the provided code in a custom block and show it like any other block. It would also be easy to manually put the code somewhere in your theme (like the current banner is done). You wouldn't need to use the banner system since the google ads handles the rotation and other banner like duties already. You only need to know where you want to show the ads and put the code in the right place using proper html.
no max no bling. goes double for mik. triple for the insane aliases of said lunatics
Not around here anymore. Way too many idiots, so sad.

Re: Change the name of a poster

Quick answer, yes. Forum ids are different than uids. But you might practice on a test site first unless you really understand how the tables are linked and structured. You can easily make a mess with the wrong changes.
no max no bling. goes double for mik. triple for the insane aliases of said lunatics
Not around here anymore. Way too many idiots, so sad.

Re: XOOPS is forked

Mik, why are you cross posting and quoting your own threads all over the place? No, don't answer that, I don't care. I only care that you stop this drivel.

At the risk of having my own posts edited or deleted I really must say this is beyond hope. If the admins want to edit my posts because I'm more than fed up with this than might as well disable my account. This has gone way too far.

If devs and wannabe devs would just work on their projects and not waste time searching the planet for controversy they might find that their work will speak for itself. Paranoia at the extreme.

I'm all for letting people rant to themselves in a single thread since I can easily ignore it. But when they pop up in other threads all the time with paranoid nonsense there comes a time when it becomes irritating. We are way beyond that point for my tastes.

buh bye mik.
no max no bling. goes double for mik. triple for the insane aliases of said lunatics
Not around here anymore. Way too many idiots, so sad.

Re: which mage module and future xoops will work?

I can't speak for XOOPS or any specific modules but the roadmap suggests that some modules could have problems if they aren't looked at by their devs. xcgal has been stale for a long time and I would have doubts about it once XOOPS 2.2 comes. I've already moved away from that module because of a lack of development. It had great promise but it seems to be a dead project.

Re: Seems like GroundHog Day for my Templates_C Folder!

I have to guess that you have a fatal error in your template. The old cached templates_c files seem to work because they don't have the syntax error.

I suggest that you try using the default templates and maybe the theme (provided they have not been manually edited) and see if the site works. Of course clear the templates_c directory at that time.

If that works then you can reapply your changes until you find the error.

Before I make major template or theme changes I clone or copy the working copies so that I can refer back if something goes wrong.

Re: NewBB2 RSS problem

It all seems to work on my site. The feed should work on any forums that have basic rights set for anonymous users (since it is an anon user pulling the feed). Have you made sure that you have the proper templates installed? If you have custom templates you must have them updated (RSS templates are specific to newbb2 version).

Re: Redirects in XOOPS (RE: Multiple log in requests)

You can test it yourself by going to www.mysite123.com and see if the address bar magicaly changes to mysite123.com.

the line "php_value register_globals 0" sets PHP register_globals Off. You might not be able to change that but it is a commonly available option. Sometimes it works if you put "php_value register_globals Off".

good luck.

Re: Xoops On Crack?


m0nty wrote:
well nice bump jamesbond..

altho i must admit, everytime this topic gets bumped, i always have a chuckle at Dons' last post..


Back on topic...
After reading this thread I've determined for myself that XOOPS is NOT on crack. I'm pretty sure about that. For me that closes this one. (that doesn't mean that all XOOPS users aren't on crack, the code is fine {core})

always a laugh in my mind :)


I still say that it isn't XOOPS that is on crack, it is some of the users.

We have a show up here (don't like it) called "Strange Days, Indeed". indeed.

Re: Redirects in XOOPS (RE: Multiple log in requests)

Yep, you got the idea now.

You'll know quickly if you have a syntax problem. If you get errors you can edit the file and try again. If you get really stuck then just rename .htaccess to anything else and it will be ignored. Then try again when time permits.

good luck.

Re: Redirects in XOOPS (RE: Multiple log in requests)

It is pretty common for hosting companies to allow .htaccess. What you want to do is to create a text file and name it ".htaccess" (without the quotes but with the period in front, no .txt or other extention). Place this file in your XOOPS root directory.

An example of a complete .htaccess file:

IndexIgnore .htaccess */.??* *~ *# */HEADER* */README* */_vti* */backups/* */templates_c/* */cache/*

php_value register_globals 0

<Files "mainfile.php">
Order allow,deny

RewriteEngine on
%{HTTP_HOST} ^www.domain.com$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.otherdomain.ca$
RewriteRule .* http://domain.com/$1 [R=301,L]

This file several things. It prevents casual browsing of files/directories that they shouldn't be looking at. It sets register_globals Off. It prevents attempting to view the mainfile.php file. Finally it traps the www version of the domain and a second domain that points to the same site and redirects them to the URL that I configure in mainfile.php

Hope this helps.

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