Re: Is DB backup & restore possible???

the error message looks like your backup is zipped. If so, try uncompressing the zip file and uploading the .sql script that is inside of it. AFAIK if your PHP installation does not include zip support then phpMyAdmin will not be able to uncompress a zip archive.

Re: Powered by

if you are using [ img ] and [/ img ] you'll need to choose one of the auto-format block types. If you choose html then your block should be in actual html format:

<img src="..">

Re: newBB Important Topics

what version of newbb?
If you are running newbb1, there is an image at the bottom of a thread that makes the thread "Sticky", which forces the thread to stay at the top of the list.
In newbb2 this option is in the "Topic Options" dropdown list.

Re: forum-> an error occured

Were you running newbb2 before you upgraded to 2.0.10? If so, sounds like you overwrote some of newbb2 with the newbb1 files that are shipped with the core and should re-copy the newbb2 files up to the server.

Re: How do you learn how to make a module?

have you already gone through the module kickstart guide?

Personally, I learned how to make a module by tearing apart existing modules, namely the news module.

Re: couple flaws default theme/css

No need to get pissy about it, I just don't agree that having an ID declared in the theme without a corresponding CSS style is a flaw in the theme. Perhaps we are just getting hung up on semantics.

My statements previously were merely to illustrate my preference for adding hooks into a template based on logical groupings, even if they are not used for direct styling at the moment. It was not meant as an attack of your abilities, nor to discourage you from participating in development.

Re: couple flaws default theme/css

I agree with 1 out of 2. Just because an ID is in the theme does not mean that it needs an explicit CSS style defined for it.

As an application and theme developer, I prefer to add hooks to the html elements liberally, so that I'm not focused on the visual design of the document, but rather its logical grouping.
In the default theme I think this is even more important of a practice, as it will be used as a template for many user-created themes. Having those hooks already in the html makes the CSS customization MUCH easier.

Of course, a compromise might be adding a blank style for that id to the theme:
#headerlogo {}

Re: Whats going on with XOOPS

hear, hear!

Re: SiteMap Module


CiberEspia wrote:
a sitemap thus
would be brilliant!!!

Maybe I'm missing something, but isn't their sitemap just their site's top navigation turned on its side and showing all sub-links?

Re: increaseing number of posts

the most straight-forward way of accomplishing this is with the following SQL query:

UPDATE <prefix>_users SET posts posts 10 WHERE uname '<username>'

Where <prefix> is the database table prefix you chose during installation and <username> is the user's name.

You will need a tool that lets you run direct SQL queries in order to run this. If you do not already have a tool for this purpose, I'd recommend the PHPMyAdmin module

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