Re: Help me please !

Can't login as admin? Try this FAQ for starters.

There are more on this topic depending on the specific circumstances in FAQ's and in forums. Please use search.

In the future can you please ask a specific question in your subject line rather than say 'help me please? ' You will be more likely to get a specific and fast response.

Re: Our modules are not anymore available for download

Congratulations on this positive step instant zero. Sometimes they can be hard to make because wounds can be deep but it is nice to see this take place as part of a healing process.

Re: having a problem with wmap 5 on vista form lolcal host


Re: Documentation site now open

Hi anna - Please keep working on the XOOPS wiki project. At XOOPS help we were simply doing what we could to fill the gaps. I have not een able to contribute as much as i would like but like you I had been thinking there was a need, and it needed to be filled quickly. Unfortantely the personal life does not currently allow me to take up the reigns of such a project fully so I saw xxopshelp as a place where i was comfortable and could at least make a start. Seems we were on the same wavelength. I had believed you were doing enough with XOOPS demo to be honest so the fact we did not communicate about it would come from that I guess.

Right now my contribution to XOOPS is low - I have too many things that need sorting our in real life and the spare time I might have spent on XOOPS has gone to getting my home ready to sell, kepping it presentable for potential buyers and once sold it will be all about packing. In the mean time I have a job - so my time is very limited. However, i have never given up on XOOPS - i depend on this community and the cms for all kinds of things and will be happy to support XOOPS wiki in any way I can when I can. like a number of xoopsers in the present moment XOOPS is coming second to some more important life matters. So go girl! if you have the energy and time I would love to see and official XOOPS wiki where we can contribute to resolve the hue and cry of where is the documentation.
Best wishes

having a problem with wmap 5 on vista form lolcal host

Hi Guys

I have a new PC VBG! Runs vista - new learning curve. Have installed wamp 5 which I have used successfully in the past for a local host install of xoops. Appears to have work fine - but after shutting down and logging off - restarting pc the next day wamp 5 will not start any services. I have testes apache and port 80 and both report that there is a apache using them. I found through google a little trick and tried that and still nothing. here but it didn't seem to help. Anyone come across this? If not i will try xampp. link here

many apologies for the typos in this orginal post - no wonder no-one answered!

Re: Documentation site now open

Thanks for posting them anyway Rowd - I have downloaded them - maybe one day I will work out how to access it.

Re: The Wave of Change IS Upon Us!

Somewhere in this thread is 'who is left moderating' and a question about the 'MIA' moderators.

I am just letting you all know I am still around watching and reading from the back seat. If I see something that needs immediate attention (a spam post) I can still do that. But I have no desire at all to get embroiled in the heated discussions that have been going on here and try to limit the number of times I give an opinion on an issue becuase -well - lets just say that due to personal cirumstances my skin is not thick enough to take the hurl of an insult without wanting to go find somewhere else to play. I have better things to do than break up verbal stouches at xoops.

I do however like some of the good ideas I am seeing here and hope that in the end with some compromise (you cannot please everyone all the time) some solutions can be at least tried.

I believe in finding a solution - looking at it, perhaps giving it a test run - and reviewing if it is making the difference. None of us have a crystal ball to look into the future so we can't predict what for example creating a new forum for XOOPS issues and heated debate might bring.

Personally I would love to have the heated debates off the front page - out of the 'recent posts' list - so they can only be found by looking for them if you want to join in. But all members need access to them - So a new category set up in such a way may enable this to happen could work - why not try it out?. my only reservation is It will take a specially skilled moderator to manage that forum with diplomacy using xoopsiquette as the guideline. We get misinterpreted as the people with power - truly I see my only power as asking people to follow Xoopsiquette - that was the job I was asked to do.

When my personal life is settled and in order you will see me being the active moderator who focuses on the new users needs once again. I have not left - just looking after myself and protecting a very wounded heart (personal issues) which cannot take the insults and criticisms (constructive or otherwise) from people outside my personal life as well as those within it. Once I have repaired my thicker skin I will be able to be more active. And I look forward to it.

'The wave of change is upon us' is the title of this thread - lets get on and try this suggested change. I have not liked seeing that the wave of change has led to good people moving on.

Re: is it time for a lead project manager?

i request that i be seriously considered for the post of 'lead project manager'. my goals would be purely administrative. to provide an environment for free software development to thrive. if i am not chosen for this position i highly suggest phppp and skalpa choose somebody to do this. XOOPS desperately needs an administrator and manager.

Eric - I congratulate you for putting your hand up. I hope you are heard.

I can think of a couple of situations where privacy is desirable:

Agreed here too - so eric - there does need to be a balance in the openness...but like carnuke when I observed selectiveness in who was part of behind closed door discussions on the future of XOOPS I was mortified.

If you think you can help put a stop to the 'lets talk about what to do' (or whine about what is wrong) and direct the traffic to get things done, supporting current tasks and allocating appropriate new volunteers to appropriate tasks (AKA being a successful 1 minute manager)then I'd like to see you given a go - we can only try. XOOPS will not fix itself - we need to do something, you have offered, i wish you well in being heard.

After living with someone for 21 years who recognises problems but does not actively seek to help himself by looking for solutions and risking the adoption of those solutions I can see he is clearly stuck in a box of go nowhere and do nothing until someone or 'life' forces the box to open up and change shape. The end result is he stays stuck for a very long time and hopes to win tatslotto instead.(Or he relies on me to solve the problems - and that is exhausting especially when a lot of the problems are ones I cannot take ownership of) It aint gonna happen - we cannot rely on luck in life - and have to take ownership and responsibility of what is.

That seems to be part of what is happening here since distrust entered the picture. Distrust has it's place - but it is making us far too stuck in a box. It is time for some carefully managed risk taking and someone putting their hand up to say let me have a go at leading us out of this quagmire should be supported and encouraged. So - go eric - you have my support.

Re: REMINDER: Xoopsiquette


Re: Documentation site now open

where giba? I just checked my link and can't see it - it would be like christmas for me!

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