Re: HELP ME retrive the admin Password for my site

Yes you can do that easily by entering the desired password with a MD5 generator script. You can create one yourself but hey, why doing it the hard way if there are ready made solutions? The link below is an example:


Fill in your desired password, submit the form and copy the retrieved MD5 hash to you password field of the users table.


Re: Are we in the right place for our needs?

XOOPS can do this without much problem as well as several other CMS-es. It has a low learning curve and it is easy to build extra features upon XOOPS when needed. The only disadvantage is that the SEO friendly url's are not as nice as they can be. I am sure for mortgage websites this would be a pro . One of the strong points of XOOPS is that it has a very supportive community, in case you need help with your installation.

Drupal (www.drupal.org) is really nice for the basic functionality plus they have a good looking URL's. I never worked with Drupal though so I don't know how high the learning curve is. But be sure to check it out.

There is also Joomla, which has plenty of out of the box functionality. Customizations are not that easy though according to some XOOPS members who tried it.

There are a couple of others such as wordpress, which is by nature a blogging tool, but has been expanded to as much as a CMS .

Good luck on your search.

Re: xoops-end-user.com Hacked by Anonymous

The way I interpreted this post is that the site was configured in such a way that even unregistered users can edit the content. When a visitor is not logged in, he/she is a automatically assigned to the Anonymous group. This group is only there for the purpose of handling module rights (view, admin and system).

Re: Is it safe using mxdirectory_V3_0_1_RC1_tripmon?

It is never recommended to use RC releases on a production web site .

Re: EFQDirectory 1.0 RC2 Questions/Comments

Hello Jere,

It is easy to follow if we keep using this thread because I use notifications. I noticed your bug report on the development site. I will have a look into this. From the stable release on I will work with patches for bug fixes, which means I will post a collection of fixed files so that users do not need to upload the whole module again. Apart from the patches I will prepare complete module releases.

So for the upcoming 1.0.1 that would mean two files will be available:
1) 1.0.0 => 1.0.1 (patch/upgrade, only modified files)
2) 1.0.1 (full module release)

Re: EFQDirectory 1.0 RC2 Questions/Comments

A frontend demo of this module is available at: http://demo.efqdirectory.com

The release of the first stable release of the EFQ Directory module is now available for download! I want to express my thanks to everyone who helped testing this module.

Already planning is in progress for version 1.1 with new features and extra image sets provided by Sumyog. If you want to see a feature added to this module please add your feature request to the Feature requests forum or you can request features using the <a href="http://dev.xoops.org/modules/xfmod/tracker/?atid=1059&group_id=1218&func=browse" target="blank">Request features page</a>

Re: Newspaper site looking for a CMS

Does the newspaper require readers to log into the site in order to read the articles?

XOOPS can serve your purpose in my opinion but like in any CMS with the amount of page views you have, it requires good server and CMS configuration and an extensive use of caching to prevent the MySQL database from overloading.

Have a look at a few users that have high load sites:

XOOPS for high traffic site?


Re: index.php not found in MastopPubilsh

Version 1.0 does not allow you to navigate to the module from the main menu because an item id is required in the url.

From what I read on the website of Mastop this is possible in the new version 1.1.

Re: EFQDirectory 1.0 RC2 Questions/Comments

RC3 is available for download now at the EFQ directory web site.

Re: Mastop Publish WYSIWYG Editor IE 6 Incompatibilities

Who deleted the news items on Mastop Publish and why? The news items simply disappeared ????

Both top links in this google search no longer exist.

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