Re: Deleting comments not working

Works for me in XOOPS 2.0.4. What version of XOOPS 2.0 are you currently using? Try turning on php debug mode in "System" -> "Preferences" -> "General Preferences" and see if you get any errors during the deletion process.

Re: Where have to type the "hspace" of an image from the Image Manager ...

hspace is a depreciated property from HTML 4.0 that no longer exists in xhtml. However, you can control this in your theme's stylesheet using the margin property. How about this:
/* Adds a 5px margin to left and right sides of every img tag within an element with the class "outer" */
.outer img {margin:0 5px 0 5px;}

Re: Backing up Site (Xoops + Modules)

Backing up the data folder in MySQL is ok - as long as nothing is modifying the tables as you are doing the copy. If this is what you are doing, stopping the MySQL process, copying your backups into the data folder then restarting the MySQL process should work fine.

In MySQL-Front you can make a db backup by going to
Im-/Export -> Export Tables

If interested in other db backup techniques (via shell commandline or through mysql) check out this article on mysql.com - http://www.mysql.com/doc/en/Backup.html

Re: topics show as narrow vertical columns - how to correct

not sure what exactly is happening here, but it sounds like either a theme/template issue or maybe browser related? You could try the following:

1. switch to the default theme and template set and see if you run into the same problems.

2. if there just isn't enough room for the newbb tables you can try hiding any blocks on the left and right sides in "System" -> "Blocks"

If neither of these two suggestions make any difference, please post an url so we can see the behavior, or if that is not possible, a screenshot displaying the issue. Do the forums at this website display the same way?

Re: Backing up Site (Xoops + Modules)

how are you backing up your database? Are you exporting the data using phpMyAdmin? MySQL-Front? some other DB Front-end?

Re: Problem with Xoops memberlist in Opera

I tried the xoopsmembers module on this site with Opera 7.01 and was able to navigate between pages successfully. However in looking at the html source for the results page, I noticed that the paging relies on Javascript to be enabled for it to work.

Re: dynamic sub-menus

I hope catzwolf doesn't get upset at me for giving away his tricks, but I noticed in a new module he was working on (WF-Channel) that he had a dynamic submenu. His trick was to add some code to xoops_version.php that retrieved his submenu records from a database and added them to the $modversion['sub'] array. In psuedo-code it looks something like this:
//Function defined in xoops_version.php
$arr getCustomSubMenus(); 
for (
$i=0$i<count($arr); $i++) {
$modversion['sub'][$i]['name'] = $arr['name'];
$modversion['sub'][$i]['url']  = $arr['url'];

Re: How to remove picture ?

Instead of modifying the template files directly, you can create a clone of the default template set in System -> Templates and modify them through the administration panel. After making your modifications, set your modified template set as default in System -> Preferences -> General Settings

Re: Removing the intermediate flash screen

forgive my ignorance - but couldn't you accomplish the same thing by modifying the system_redirect.html template in "System" -> "Templates" ?

Re: Word Censoring and Bytes in Downloads

I've never run across either of these two bugs are you running 2.0.5?

Word Censoring: Try removing any blank spaces, enter keys, etc from the Filter list.

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