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ryancoke wrote:
Is great. Theres alot of helpful people out there, and newbies like me are very thankful!


Re: Xoops and Perl

The XOOPS core and core modules do not require perl at all, but 3rd party modules may have additional requirements.

Re: XOOPS time, format and offset

$xoopsConfig['default_TZ'] - stores user default timezone
$xoopsConfig['server_TZ'] - stores system timezone
$xoopsUser->getVar("timezone_offset") - stores current user's timezone

Date Formats Constants (See /language//global.php)
_DATESTRING - Normal date format
_MEDIUMDATESTRING - Shorter date format
_SHORTDATESTRING - Shortest date format

Helpful Date functions (/includes/functions.php)
xoops_getUserTimestamp($time, $timeoffset="")
Alters the $time by the specified $timeoffset

formatTimestamp($time, $format="l", $timeoffset="")
Function to display formatted times in user timezone

userTimeToServerTime($timestamp, $userTZ=null)
Function to calculate server timestamp from user entered time (timestamp)

Re: Date & Time displayed in realtime?

to make a continously counting clock, you would need to use javascript. There are several scripts available for download. Perhaps this one might help:


Re: read/write access implemented?

It is currently up to the module to enforce security within a module's specific functions (posting a new article, viewing elements in a particular category, etc) The core only provides a mechanism to allow access into the module itself, through group security. I would recommend asking the guestbook module developer for insight on how to modify their module to do what you want.

Re: Removing links from index.php

stmap - for a starting tutorial for manipulating templates please see my post in this thread:


Re: main menu?

ok - there seems to be a bit of confusion about how to best modify templates. When a module is installed, all defined templates for that module are inserted into the database, where they can be seen in "System" -> "Templates". If you want to modify a template, instead of modifying the files in /modules//templates, you can modify them in the database by:

First. Clone the default template set. Go to "System" -> "Templates" and click [ Clone ] for the default template set.
Resized Image
This template set will hold all our custom changes.

Second. Edit your template. If you click on "[List]" next to "System", you will see a long list of templates. Page templates are displayed at the top, block templates are displayed at the bottom. In your particular example, you want to modify the Main Menu Block - "system_block_mainmenu.html" in the block section.
Resized Image
To add links to your main menu block add the appropriate html code after

To make them look just like the other modules in the main menu block your code should look like this:
<class="menuMain" href="yoururl">Your Title Goes Herea>

Third. Set this new template set as the default.
Go to "System" -> "Preferences" -> "General Settings" and change the "Default Template Set" property to our new template set.
Resized Image

If the above seems too daunting for you, I highly recommend downloading the iMenu module, which lets you define Main Menu links in the administration panel.

Re: 2.0.3---> 2.0.5 Upgrade failure

try re-uploading /kernel/module.php from the update package to your webserver.

Re: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get() in /home/sites/site54/web/MCDK/include/common.php

It should also be noted that modules that include modified copies of /include/common.php (most notably Invision Power Board) will need to be updated to work with 2.0.5

Re: Reorder position & Appearance of blocks

1. To re-order blocks use the "Weight" column in "System" -> "Blocks". When blocks are rendered, the lowest weight is displayed first. So if you wanted your blocks to render:

1. Custom Block 1
2. Poll Block
3. Custom Block 2

Set the weight of the first block to 1, the second to 2, etc.

2. Make sure that the anonymous group has block access to custom block 1 and custom block 2 in "System" -> "Groups"

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