Re: Adding Email Attachments

thanks for clarifying this onokazu, I didn't realize that the get_mailer function returned the XoopsMailer class instead of the XoopsMultiMailer

Re: Install_tpl.php error in line 80

Thank you for posting this problem, which has been fixed and the changes submitted to the CVS version.

Re: Adding Email Attachments

Well the only thing I can think of is since php is case-sensitive, make sure your call to the function matches exactly (note the differences in case in the error message):


and if your file already exists on the filesystem, you can try to use:

Re: GuiStock.com: What do you think?

nautis - I don't know how far back your usage of XOOPS goes, but in the first 2 release candidates for XOOPS 2, themes and templates were merged into 1 theme manager. IMO, this made themes more cohesive as the theme developer had full control over the resulting html for modules, blocks, everything. Apparently this made theme development too confusing or time consuming for many, and due to user demand the decision was made by the XOOPS developers in later RC's to seperate themes and templates into two features. While this has simplified the theme development process, it created the lack of cohesiveness you describe above. Perhaps a theme should not be considered complete unless it includes template sets for the core modules?

* Edit - guistock sorry for temporarily hyjacking this thread. I like your site's design even though I am not partial to the brushed steel that many apple applications favor.

Re: problem with the html tag

The buttons at the top of a text entry box are not wysiwyg controls. Instead of modifying existing content in an entry, they modify text that is entered in the text box next to the "Add" button.
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Re: Today's Date

There is no preset smarty tag available to do this, but smarty includes a mechanism to execute php, so that coupled with the formatTimestamp function (included in /includes/functions.php) should do the trick:

Re: is where any bug fix in group management on xoops 2.0.5 ??

according to kazu's post in the thread you referenced a fix was proposed and added to the CVS about a month ago. Since then two new versions of XOOPS have been released. I do not have any sites with that many members to test this with, but my guess is that 2.0.5 includes a fix for this issue.

Re: Is 2.0.5 the current production quality release?

Xoops 2.0.5 is the latest stable release - the Overview Page must not have been updated with the new release information.

Re: Format of date?

Xoops includes several functions and variables that control how dates are outputted. For a list, please see here:


In particular, look at using the formatTimestamp() function.

Re: Fixed width???

the theme in question probably has a style declaration that forces tables to 100% width. In /themes//style.css look for something like the following:
table {width100%;}
which says for every table tag set the width to 100% of the container's width.

If you change this to:
table {widthauto;}
your tables should honor your HTML width attribute. Please note that this can modify the output from modules and blocks that expect that their tables will be 100% of the available size. You might have to modify the module's templates for their output to render as expected.

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