Re: xoopswiki.org

I am anxious to see the reopening of the wiki once the server issues are resolved.

If all goes well what Ana had designed for xoopswiki will be available. I have had recent communication with her and there is a handover taking place. How it fits in the bigger picture of the XOOPS project and 'official' status is yet to be determined but I feel the fact it will have a home and won't be lost is the most important first step.

I will need all of you who have been contributing to this area and issue to be with me when it is available to work out where to next. I appreciate your encouragement and support to keep xoopswiki alive. Thankyou.

Re: xoopswiki.org

Well I am very honoured!

Thanks for your support guys - I appreciate it - in the next two weeks my time is tight with school work (end of semester) but after that we could get going especially as i will be on holidays to put in the time to get off to a good start. However, I have to advise I am having some reservations with regard to so things and would like to let time do it's work before I committed to such a task. Give me a week.

For Giba:
Poço eu sou honrado muito!
Os agradecimentos para seus guys da sustentação - eu aprecio - nas duas semanas seguintes meu tempo estão apertados com trabalho da escola (extremidade do semseter) mas em seguida isso que nós poderíamos começar indo especial porque eu estarei nos feriados a pôr no momento de começar fora a um começo bom. Entretanto, eu tive que recomendar-me estou tendo alguns reservations no que diz respeito a assim que coisas e gostá-los-ia deixei o tempo faço-o sou trabalho antes que eu cometi a tal tarefa. Dê-me uma semana.


Re: xoopswiki.org

Hi everyone

What I am seeing here is exciting - thanks for contributing. I guess I am just waiting for a little clarity.

- who will be on the documentation team to begin with and lay the foundations of where too from here
- then lets get together and work on some guidelines, in the meantime collect as many docs as what are out there

Blue stocking you may have a big job on your hands putting things into the wiki....and I need to learn more about how it works myself so I look forward to being taught a bit more about that too. And yes...we need to help each other get it out there in different languages! So...once we have a 'home' we would need to start with getting to know each other and our skills surely.

Perhaps it is time to go through the posts from the teams forum and identify those who have said they wish to be part of documentation. What do you think? I will have time to do this tonight (I am fast running out of time this morning!)


Re: How it's working

What difference for work between this forum and sourceforge's forum?

I think you will find that what we would like to see is to keep the focus of core at the sourceforge forum. While we do have a community bug tracker here in the community, it is probably more for dummies like me who can say 'I think this is a bug - but I do not have a solution for it'. Sometimes we even get questions like this in the forums for new users who don't quite understand something and it is not a bug at all. Sourceforge don't need dummies like me clogging up there bug report forum.

However, if you do understand code and you have a suggestion to make a correction to a bug or positive change to the core you should take it directly to core development at source forge so the the core development team is alerted to it right away and can discuss it with you. This is the place for those of you who are fairly certain you know what you are doing with code and can not only identify a bug but perhaps even contribute to resolving it. You can have discussions where you share code which speaking for myself - goes right over my head!, but you may learn even more from.

I am a xoopser, like many others, who depends on guys like you sharing your skills and coming up with great core releases. Now there will be a team approach at sourceforge (see phppp's growing core development team) I am hopeful that means those of you with bug reports and great ideas will be heard. As a moderator, I would be suggesting you take such 'bug, mistakes, optimization, evolution' and patches right to the heart of where core is developed. Hopefully someone on the core team will watch the thread in the community - but you will find we will encourage you to head to sourceforge.

Hope this helps to clarify.

Re: Upgrading Question

Blue Stocking is correct - See 'Upgrading from any XOOPS ranging from 2.0.7 to (using the full package):' at release notes You do have a couple of steps to complete - read the instructions carefully.

Re: xoopswiki.org

Hi Blue Stocking

Snow said Quote:
it's closed right now but won't be closed forever. I am doing hosting maintenance to it and have donated the domain to the XOOPS foundation.

She is being honest and truthful about this - rest assured you and others will be able to contribute but patience is needed while she takes the site through the process of maintaining it, donating it to XOOPS etc.

You will have plenty of opportunity to make your desires known once our community teams have been fully reorganised and are underway.

About 'Concerning children' -let's see if we can manage to close this part of the conversation as it is not conducive to our new spirit and I suspect there is some misinterpretation happening here.

I suspect what is intended here is that the desire to have 'Free flow of information is when you pick up on a subject and are allow to let it flow in whatever direction it takes.' is not necessarily what we need. Snow suggests justs as we raise children with direction - we need direction at XOOPS wiki. We cannot have complete 'free flow of information' if we want sensible XOOPS related and carefully developed information. A 'free flow' as suggested would be inviting inappropriate contribution and a lot of hard work for an administrator.

Xoops is undergoing a new awakening and from that process new guidelines, a new manifesto and a new direction will come. This will help us to grow. This will help us to design appropriate guidelines for the wiki and you would be welcome to contribute to that process, as will others.

I see you are already doing this with the proposed structure for the 'Operations manual' as you have suggested here. Once XOOPS gets this to the appropriate wiki forum I am sure your contribution will be greatly appreciated. I certainly do!

I sincerely hope this puts to rest the side comments on raising children. Lets focus on the actual development of the wiki site and thank Snow for all she has done and is still doing to get it set up for the community.

Re: [XoopsTeam] progress - community coordination - June 10th

Hello I am here - details co0ming to you on msn DJ

Re: [XoopsProject] request - report from existing teams

Moderators - I am still here -life got in the way for a bit And I have assisted in some of the new site development early on. In other words I have not gone away. Just been looking after myself for a bit. I did post here number 2 and since there is confusion of terms - communication, documentation, community support, promotion i am not exactly sure where to 'put my hand up'. It seems to me the possible teams structures are still a bit vague to be clear on where I am headed to help out.

I did get put out when the original documentation site went down and much of my work appeared lost. I think most has been rescued at the new wiki site but I am yet to explore that fully. Like I said - my personal life has got in the way in the last few months. the confusion here has not helped -it was easier to stay in the background.

So IMHO documentation team as it was is as Madfish says - dead...but the I am counted in the existing moderating team here at xoops.org even if I have not done a lot lately.

Re: [XoopsProject] Summary

You have left me out of communications- and I am still happy to have the role of moderator in forums.

Re: [XoopsTeam] - News Team To Become Communication Team?

Tom I like this idea of a communications team and with you as a leader.

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