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In the next few weeks the XOOPS Website will be very busy, with a lot of work happening in the front of you!

Instead of making a secret out of it, and then creating a huge splash out of it, we've decided to just go ahead and make changes to the Website as we go.

What is happening:

1) We are moving to PHP 7. Originally we were on 5.4, and this weekend we moved to PHP 5.6, as as soon as our host offers PHP 7, we'll be ready.

2) We've also moved the Website to the latest XOOPS Core, so we can test it here before we officially release it.

3) We are also updating all modules that are being used here, which will help us, of course with your help, to discover any bugs

We have updated the NewBB Forums to the latest version, as well as News. We'll be converting soon the News to Publisher, as strategically that's what we want to invest our time in.

And we'll be adding some new cool modules, like the one upcoming wgTimelines developed by Goffy from Germany. We'll transition our "XOOPS Innovators" and "XOOPSer of the Month" awards there. The work on the converting the "XOOPS Innovators" to the wgTimelines has already started - you can check it out here

What else?

We have moved modules developed by Wishcraft to one location on GitHub (read more here), so you can check them out, fork, and contribute back.

We have also created one GitHub location for various XOOPS D3 modules. If you're curious what the D3 modules are, please read more here

Of course, we hope that you'll help us on this journey as we're moving closer to the next release of XOOPS

And in case you were wondering, yes, we're looking for a new responsive theme for this updated Website! So if you would like to design a new theme for us, please let us know...
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  • Moderator

 Wonderful theme!

I don't know who did the new theme but that's a great work! Just one thing to change: replace 'Kommentieren' with 'Comment on' for the comments button ;-)

  • Theme Designer

 Re: Wonderful theme!

Thank you very much!
There is still a lot of work to do. If you find anything else please report.
I will change the button.

  • Module Developer

 exciting theme!

I like this theme

  • Moderator

 Wonderful theme!

Can anyone change this on the home page?

  • Theme Designer

 Re: Wonderful theme!

Thank you :)

  • Moderator

 Wonderful theme!

Thanks to you Bleekk! ;-)